2017 The Trump Card 

….. And do it’s been a while I have written here,  for some many reasons but I’m back. 
The Trump Card….. 
When Donald Trump decided to run for office, he was like a bull with a rider. Hitting people where it hurt the most. His insults from dissing his competition, to countries he had targeted earned his major scores with white supremacists, elderly Americans, the plain ass racists, and gang bangers. 

You see when foreigners enter another man’s land, he just wants to make a quick buck and head home but then he gets too comfortable after a while,staying on for much longer than planned as he is accommodated. 

America is a no-mans land as argued about. The originals are red Indian. Chased away from their homes and lands to make way for the free man’s land,  sorry who are these white/rednecks claiming ownership? 
Basically, to me America is supposed to be able to accept all and sundry as long as you follow the rules of the Land. 
Anyway, Where do I begin: yes! The Trump Card,  before I forget and continue rambling. 

You see, Africans, Asians, South American, your cases are special as we all have a unique color of skin soft easy identification. Donald Trump is the president and there is nothing you can do to change that. 

  The president that America deserves is at the helm, sorry you either accept or Accept it. To Donald Trump, America is a business he has recently acquired and he would not allow any employees to misbehave. It must be a successful transition after all he now “owns” America. 

Ask me oh. Question!


People have likened him to Hitler some when he begins to ask for the skin of year blacks for polish, don’t be surprised that some whites would the black polish. 
Wafi people no dey carry last. Una no fit reach house from Yankee dull yourselves, them go tiff una join your load ask you to bail yourself. 
Don’t get me started on idile Iya silifa. Won o bi Iya Baba anybody awa na ni Ile. See person with 4tribal marks forming I omo Onile for Lagos. 
Now imagine what and how most of the elderly people who are in support of Trump feel. The feel the “aliens” are taking over. 

Black Americans, Hispanics in the suburbs shooting at each other for drugs and weed produced by others or themselves, fighting for what they know not. As they opened their eyes and Trump played his card. 

The koko of my story, if you are based in The US don’t travel back home except you are ready to loose all the “isu” that you planted there. Else follow my advise. 
Buy landed property with your dollars/other currency while it is still high against the naira, you never know when you may be deported or prevented from entering the US for no reason, loosing all you have worked for to “The Americans”. Before Donal Trump,  produces another Trump Card. 

   We have our own New York City and California,  those who have been to Lekki, Ajah, Victoria Island, Banana Island, Bonny Island etc know we have beautiful places with good roads power supply. 

Contact me if you are in need of any such investment

……. You never know oh….  

Especially those of you who have been there for less than 10years. This applies to Nigerians in other countries too. 

#winks #invest #beWise #BuildNigeria #iBuildNigeria4Us
{yesso this image is of Trump is telling Kanye, “you better search for your African roots, because once I win,  I would send you and your family back to the ***” and 

Kanye says “Say wah! I gat me a .48 in my back pocket imma bust ya mouth before the election ” 

And Trump adds,  “you would see it happening and play to the gallery”}

Obama never anticipated seeing this drama in the first “100days” future of America 

abeg we need this binoculars to look into the future of Nigeria, Buhari is doing zero action mode while things are getting from bad to worse. 
…letting my imagination run wild here hahaha


Change and the New Government

For all the people with a vehicles or have cause to drive at some point, the state of the roads have been very bad. Even the okada riders have their shocks going bad.

In the recent state of events in the country, elections and all, the citizens of Nigeria have all been waiting. Waiting for the much awaited CHANGES we have all been promised.

The times are gone when you only family members sharing a motorcycle (Okada) it has become the norm. The extent of which one can even find Alhaja’s & Alhaji’s sharing bikes with opposite sex of which they are sitting in the middle.

Standards / cost of living, health is so high, yet we don’t get the proper returns.

Can you imagine, living across from Swansea Lake and during Summer, someone plants a big tree outside your window to block your view of the beautiful scenery?

The bad roads from Sabo to Alagbole/Akute (wide ditches in the road enough to swallow the entire front leg of a trailer) , Akute via Denro to Berger (Carpenter construction of a bridge which floods once there is a little rain).
Even Napep’s have issues navigating the roads, so do the motorcycle riders.

On a daily basis, people’s clothes get dirty on the way to work.

That is not even the worst of it. Today, Saturday the  20th June 2015, rain fell half of the day and the river overflowed to the little patch of terrible roads where canoes had to be deployed to pass, okada riders fell into the water with the passengers, cars has water get to their windows, drinking gulps of water and stopped mid-stream, vans and buses had to offload their passengers no matter how little into the water just to ensure a lighter weight to move.

In the frame of mind that the past elections is what prevented the state government (which people were praising before on the commencement of repairs) from completing the roads because they were not sure of being re-elected.


Others thought it was that they had exhausted the budget. However, it is almost a month since the elections have passed, and since the Governor has not been changed, why has the construction not been continued. The hopes and dreams for a better state of our roads is starting to diminish as even myself had to wade through the disgusting water to get to work.

A big shame really as this roads are the major roads linking Ogun and Lagos states in the interior.

Governors, please let us see the much awaited ‘CHANGE’ which we have been promised, and not abandoned projects and streams in place of major roads.
#OgunState #Change #BetterNigeria #Government #Road


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His First Love

Love is unpredictable.
How it affects or changes us.
Can be gradual or fast.
Sometimes we break the people we love and sometimes they break us.

The ultimate relationship is one with the most sacrifices.
We hurt, we learn,
We experience,


2006…I know I’ve always felt something for her but we were just friends at the moment…every night became longer than usual cos I yearn to see her face every morning…and the day shorter cos I couldn’t seem to get enough of her presence! Her absence turns my stomach and her presence feels me up that I had no need for physical food…but we were STILL just friends…
2007…Her selfless act of love and care was so intoxicating that I found myself drowning in love but I couldn’t get the words out of my system…I wanted more time around her…LIME and HONEY was her remedy for whenever I had cough and sore throat…then, he came into my life again M. Hamilton, he gave me the courage to step up and make my feelings known to her! I decided a letter would do the trick, but NO…I went back for it cos…

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The Nigerian Police and the (In)Justice System

Spoken words written right from my mouth. Definitely, the facts remain that the police force in Nigeria mostly remains a place for touts, uneducated mentally and psychologically.
…… Till then, I cannot for any reason take the police force in Nigeria (MIB) seriously, and a change in their black, ugly, unkept and smelly uniforms


Nigerian Police

Nigerian Police

It was sunny in the afternoon and I had to get off from work early cos I wasn’t feeling too well…2:30pm precisely…working in the City of Gidi has its advantages and disadvantages…but today wasn’t a good one! First, my burning temperature. Next, the slow movement of traffic from Ikeja-Along to Dopemu!… I remembered what my friend posted on Facebook the other day,”I am not sorry to say this – I HATE THE NIGERIAN POLICE FORCE!!! They are all bunch of Blood Sucking Corrupt Bastards. Extorting money from citizens going about their legitimate businesses. I wish them all the PAIN and HEARTACHE they inflict on Nigerians!”…all in his own words…I don’t blame him for expressing himself…The Nigerian Policemen have been using the law to justify their wrong doings…I remembered while in the university, a police team drove into our building requesting that we produce the person that just ran…

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