Life & Change

When life gives a sound,that the time is nigh
We choose sometimes to hear but not to listen.
When change is near we fear the unknown.
The unknown of life is the scary path.

The lonely road that seems thorny and rough.
We cannot see how it ends least we begin the journey.
For judging a book by its cover is only for fools.
Others may not begin and some have gone ahead.
Only time would tell who made it to the END

But each must find his place on the lonely path of life.

It is sometimes sad when changes come our way.
It hits us when we least expect it. It hurts us badly when we don’t know our next move.
We try to stop it, fighting it in every way we can.
We do not know what the future hold for us it may be brighter than the NOW.

It may be the experience we need to become stronger.
It may be the push that life decides we need to forge ahead.
We scramble and stall,
preventing the change as we hope with all our might.
But fate would not hear of it.
Movement cannot be stopped,
Its speed can only be reduced for a while, like a moving train that would soon crush anything that stand in its path.

To move on and realize that the only constant thing in Life is CHANGE.
Without Change, there would be no Movement.
The start is now. The experience is Now.
Live each moment and Experience i  full, what life has to offer
Without Movement, There is No LIFE.
 Embrace Change!!!
GET ON WITH LIFE!!! It has a lot to offer

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The good, The bad &The Ugly

The good, the bad and the Ugly.
The good Looks good because he has never been caught doing bad,
The bad seems bad because he hasn’t been recorded doing good.
The ugly may be ugly on the outside but extremely beautiful on the inside once you get to know him.
He just may surprise you with the good he is capable of.

Try and look deeper at observe before you condemn or judge. DO NOT JUDGE.
You never know who the next person really is nor do you know who you are till you are tested by fate and different experiences.
LIVE life to the FULLEST, BE YOU

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