Live life, Leave a Mark

Live life to the fullest.
Have fun while you can, with whoever you can.
Dont discriminate, you might be next to face the music.
Dont hate, it takes too much energy and makes you age faster.
Dont pretend, you become someone even you find it hard to understand and others do not know.
Avoid lies, they become you and leave you in a ditch of lies, they cant be covered up after a while.
Make people laugh, and bring smiles to at least one person  a day. The feeling lasts a long time and brings warmth.

Dont tell tales, when the Truth comes out, you are the only one left in the cold.
Smile because you know you are worth it.
Dont destroy yourself, body or that of others in the name of fun, except you want to live in a coma for the rest of it.

Live each day like its your last, you never can tell when it would really end and in that final breath it would be best as one of relief not of the things undone.
Leave a legacy.
Make a name for yourself.
Stand for something.
Be Remembered!!!

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