The tools, Our Gifts

The GOOD LORD, has given us all the tools that we need to live our lives Aright. 
The rest of the work, is left to us…

If we decide to farm, the work may be tedious and the time might seem long. Dont look at how far you have gone, but how well you are doing.
We all pass through tests every time. What proves if we have been good students is if we pass the test. If we dont, do we take the lessons we have learnt and use them in trying again or just cry our eyes out like a baby waiting to be picked up.

If we decide to use the Tools to farm, they may become dirty from use, but if we simply clean them daily. 

At the END of the Time, the results would be either SHINY TOOLS or FARM PRODUCE. ONLY TIME WOULD TELL…………..


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