No one can do without it.
It brings refreshment.
It rinses away dirt.
It it comes out from the eyes when deep emotion is expressed.
It helps bring calm.
Cools our parched throat.
It cleanses the pores, pushing the toxins out.
It trickles down your body in the shower/ bath or wherever, making you feel so GOOD.

It draws people to its blue waters, leaving them with a sense of peace.

I was drawn to the peaceful and serenity it offered by a friend of mine(not that i did’nt appreciate it before) but i saw another side to the beach.
A more dramatic one.

The waves have a captivating presence that just catch in your throat, leaving you speechless.

Words cannot be found for the beauty it holds.
People on Holiday, just wanna visit it.
Lovers want to hold hands and dip their feet in its sands.
Friends want to hold hands and run around the shores.
Children want to run into it before the waves come ashore.

We dont realize that the WATER does it all. Brings people together and leaves them with a sense of peace.

Just wanted to share my appreciation of Water. [My Naija people No be mammy water ish O]
I hope you like it 😀


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