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Come lay with me, my beloved coo-ed
Rest twixt my bosom, she sang sweetly
Fool I, went with her expectant…

Wale had dated one girl all his life. A late bloomer, he didn’t get into the game until he was 15 and in SS2. Whilst his Brothers Dare and Tosin had gotten in the game as early as JS1 and JS3 respectively, he was the underachiever where the fair sex was concerned and he didn’t mind his brothers accomplishments.

Dare the eldest was already studying Civil Engineering at the University of Ife and was in his third year of a five-year course. Tosin was a Law student at Unilag in his second year, Bola his only sister was just ahead of him in SS3 when he met Shade.

Characteristically shy, Wale couldn’t contain himself the first time he saw her. Like a favoured movie, that moment was forever etched in…

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