Stop Abusing Children

It is sad, when people go out of their way to have children, yet do not take proper care of them. Worse still is when they abuse their own children, unfortunately this young lady was abused as a child and still being abused all because of Albinism. Please my candid advice, d☺n’t bear children if you can’t cater to them #fact# not all adults or couples deserve to have children


ImageYou don’t never ever blame a child no matter who they are and no matter what they got, children are people too and they do have human rights. They violated me from my child hood and things did not get no better for me instead things gotten much more worst, they always treated me like a slow and a retarded child and they CALLED ME CRAZY FOR NOTHING I DONE. D Even while I am a grown adult and STILL CALL ME CRAZY BUT  LOOK HOW I WAS TREATED. ; I started school at age 5 and they taken me out of school Carmella Barber started to isolate me at a very young age and I really needed to be in school to get that socialization that children really do need and American Black people had to fight for their right to a free and just education and other people…

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