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“How dare you talk to your father like that? How dare you? After all he has done for you, you have the audacity to be rude? “ Adora stood up and faced them both and through clenched teeth she said “HE IS NOT MY FATHER”, turning to Dapo she said “he is none of your business and I don’t owe you an explanation” as she stormed off to her room and slammed the door. “I’m so sorry Sweetheart, let me go and talk to her. What sort of rubbish is this, I would not have her being rude to you”, as she ran up the stairs to Adora’s room. Opening Adora’s room, she met her daughter crying profusely on the bed. She realized how much Adora was like her in many ways, and how very stubborn she was at that age. Wondering why the sudden change had come over Adora had given her sleepless nights because her daughter had never behaved that way in the past. For a child who never liked being alone from her mother for long, it was a surprise when Adora had asked to go to boarding school but Dapo had objected vehemently, saying they should work at being a family. Thinking her daughter would have adjusted better if she spent lesser time around husband at least with the hope that gradually she would learn to accept him like a father. But she didn’t win many arguments with Dapo so she had put it to rest for a while till it reared its ugly head again like a beast. Adora’s father Jide, was the first guy she ever thought she loved and he had told her he loved her till she had gotten pregnant, then he fled when he heard. Her father, a high ranking military official had thrown her out to cater for herself and baby. Her daughter had been a good sport all through, never complaining about anything. Why now that things were better and they had almost everything going for them was she revolting? Was it selfishness, the fact that she had to share her mother’s time with three other people or what? Shaking herself out of the reminiscing she said “Adora, Adora, why are you trying to ruin my marriage?” Sniffing she replied, “So you think I am trying to ruin what you have, is that it? It is not working for me and I am sorry for being here. Do you even talk to me anymore? No. Dapo this, Dapo that. Please just let me go to my own father”. “Adora honey, I love you and I am sorry but I have to put my husband first. You are making it hard for us to be a family and Dapo is doing his best to behave like a father to you, taking care of you, sending you to school and giving you a better life” “NO, NO, NO, you have no idea mum”, with a crazy laugh, she said “He hates me and I feel the same. I can never like him and he is not my family. I love the twins and can do anything for those innocent two but I want to go to my own father, PERIOD” Standing up from beside her daughter on the bed, Cassandra said “You would stay here, you hear me? Your father has no money and cannot take care of you. This is the very last time I want to hear about this topic from you”, as she walked towards the door. “Of course go, go run and report me to your Dapo so that he can punish me for my sins after all that is what he does best” Turning around, her mother said “What do you mean by that? How dare you say that? It’s for your own discipline, fathers discipline their daughters and …… “Stop Cas”, Dapo said, let me talk to her. Alone?” Dapo said as he walked in on them. “No, No mum please”, she cried,” it is fine I would go look for my father since you don’t want me after all. That is what this is about”. “Cassandra, leave us please”, Dapo said with a slight scowl. Cassandra nodded as she walked out of the room, looking back once at her daughter and shook her head. CHAPTER TWO “Hurry up Adora, you are going to be late, it is already 6:30am”, Cassandra said. Quietly, Adora walked down the stairs carefully avoiding her mother’s gaze, she picked up her food bag and headed for the door. “Good morning sister Adora”, Bisola and Tobi said in unison. “Good morning Tobi, Bisola”, she said “What happened to your face?” Bisola asked “I fell dear”, Adora said “Let me see that”, Cassandra said, trying to touch Adora’s face. “Don’t you touch me”, Adora said through clenched teeth and she went outside with the twins to the car where the driver was waiting. Cassandra sat heavily on a chair in the kitchen trying to comprehend the statement her daughter had made. She knew her daughter had definitely not fallen down but she thought to herself ‘Dapo couldn’t have hit her Adora or could he have done such a despicable thing?’ “Morning sweetheart”, Dapo kissed her on the head, momentarily disrupting her train of thought. ‘He can’t have……..’ she thought, looking into his beautiful smile and happy face. Shaking her head and smiling at her husband, to clear the matter from it promising to revisit it at some later time. Remembering the first time she had seen scars on her daughter had been when Adora was twelve years old. While Adora had claimed Dapo had beaten her up he had told her Adora had feigned it just to create a distance between them. She made a mental note to think of it later, with a smile she served her husband’s food while the doubtful thoughts clogged her stomach and she pushed her plate away. “Sandra Achumba”, the teacher said marking the class register. “Present Sir” “Kayode Lawson” “Present SIr“ “Tunde Presely? The teacher said looking around the class. “Right here!”replied the precocious young man . “You said WHATT?”, the teacher exclaimed, adjusting his spectacles as some of the students chuckled. “Present Sir” “Amanda Afolabi?”, said Mr Alabi with a bit of relief before looking up at the murmuring of some of the students He heard a timid “present sir” and looked critically at one of the most brilliant students in his class. Noticing scars on her face, he exclaimed “what happened to you Amanda? Did you fall? No, No….. Have you seen a Doctor?” Without waiting to hear a proper response over the students loud whispers he said “to the infirmary NOW, young lady” peering out of his spectacles. Standing cautiously and wincing in the process, she tried to remain insignificant as she bowed her head and walked out of the class but not before hearing Toyosi saying “she must have fallen down the stairs again. She is so clumsy” Exiting the class, Amanda wondered about the other comments that she wasn’t going to hear. She blocked them out of her mind she walked down the hall. On hearing footsteps approaching, she hurried down the stair case towards the infirmary. “Amanda! Gosh! Sit down, what happened to you?” “Lie down dear let me examine you” Nurse Titi said “You can’t give me that ‘I fell down story’ you gave the last time, because I recommended you might need glasses and sent you for an eye test. There is absolutely nothing wrong with your eyes young lady” Amanda kept her head facing the ground with her hands between her legs. “Let me get you some pain killers first of all”, handing them to Amanda, she noticed the tears falling freely from her face whilst sobs escaped from the little lips. She held Amanda close in her arms while they both cried together, as she knew the little girl was hurting but there wasn’t much she could do to help. Until she knew what was going on, she could only console her and hold her close. She knew from her little research that Amanda, she had heard that her father was not involved in her upkeep, but in a school for the rich peoples children like theirs a lot was to be expected and not too many questions were asked of these people if one was to retain their job. She had seen lots of things go wrong with so many children especially in her line of her work but Amanda’s case was unique to her bringing a feeling of dejavu rushing through her. She had her own burdens which she was still shedding off, as there was still a long road left for the healing process to be completed, but she did try. A million questions ran through Amanda’s head, ‘Could she trust Nurse Titi? What if the school called her mother or Dapo? Should she tell her mother? Would her mother believe her? What if she dint tell and something happened to her?


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