OCEAN SURGE!! Ocean Surge!!

..Wise men say “Only fools rush in”. Song by a known artist
†ђξ ‘Wise’ know better and do things †ђξ right way, or so it seems »Scorptastic

Nigerians are very funny, die hard human beings and I must commend every single one of for †ђά̲̣̥†. You see the resilience and stubborn attitude, make it easy to survive †ђξ storm, stick through thick and thin of major problems; after all their country’s problems is enough to make people Tough.

When many ‘Nigerians’ hear of occurrences like ‘Hurricane Katrina’ & Tornadoes in US, ‘Bush Fires in Australia’, ‘Tsunami’ and o†her natural disasters happening in various parts of †ђξ world, it is seen as pretty far fetched and something †ђά̲̣̥† cannot happen in Nigeria.
People delude themselves with †ђξ fact †ђά̲̣̥† Nigerians are very religious in nature, 9 in 10 people go to church and mosque every second with various conventions happening everywhere and all of that.

I often wonder if somehow, by some stroke of luck because of this †ђά̲̣̥† we are spared from all these major disasters as there is no preparation made to accommodate any natural disaster of any magnitude and †ђξ problems our Government bring are enough to contend with as disasters on their own. Government officials delude themselves with †ђξ fact †ђά̲̣̥† their private jets can carry them to US and UK or where ever were disaster to occurs in Nigeria, leaving †ђξ masses to their own devices. Unfortunately for them(†ђξ government officials), this would have been effectively executed if †ђξ natural disasters weren’t occurring Globally.

Recently on Traffic Radio 96.1Fm, there was a major announcement of Ocean surge occurring here in Lagos, Nigeria. Many who heard it felt it was a joke, but some of †ђξ few who took it serious probably felt it would be a one day occurrence or something of †ђά̲̣̥† sort. If it were in other societies, it would be taken seriously, evacuations would begin in earnest and lots of research would go into it(but trust Naija people not to take it very seriously).

Tђξ attitude we get is “NO NO NO, in Nigeria, ‘whatever’ jare, it can’t happen to me. Its only those who enter †ђξ water †ђά̲̣̥† would be affected”, ‘STUPID GOAT’ I say (˘̯˘ ) ♓☺w on earth can people be so indifferent?? Or so ‘Wise’ as †ђξ case may be.

A few days ago( 2days after †ђξ announcement), †ђξ Moslems had a holiday and in honor of it, †ђξ government declared a public holiday. Some actors(almost all Nigerians can be Actors) decided to visit †ђξ beach, you would at least think they would be careful right? Well †ђά̲̣̥† was not †ђξ case as some ‘James Bond’ characters decided to either swim with †ђξ fish or get very wet and according to †ђξ media, about 16 people(mothers and children mostly) were swallowed by †ђξ ocean. Tђξ ocean Surge has just begun and one can only hope to be in †ђξ right place at †ђξ right time. I was not a witness to this and while trying not to be judgmental, I know †ђά̲̣̥† even fast and experienced swimmers still should not dare †ђξ Expanse and turbulence of †ђξ Ocean. Only if you have no choice should you jump in; †ђά̲̣̥† is why there are swimming pools available.

A #fact# In Lagos when †ђξ water is extremely turbulent there is a Red Flag placed in †ђξ water telling people its not safe to go in and should be respected.

Unlike countries where †ђξ water is clear blue or bluish-green, †ђξ water on Nigerian Beaches is brownish in color, so I as much as I l☺ve †ђξ beach and l☺ve visiting it, i d☺n’t see what †ђξ attraction to swim in Nigerian sea water is as I can only put my feet in it. †ђξ beach side is very dirty, there is refuse littered everywhere and sometimes glass; there are NO PROPER LIFEGUARDS as far as I can see, emergency services placed around or even rescue boats to help search for people within even hours of been carried by †ђξ water.
As a child, I was almost swept away by †ђξ ocean even though I was being held by an adult, luckily I was grabbed before †ђξ Ocean could gobble me up.
So my question remains this; Why would you be a James Bond character and waste your life by going into †ђξ water when you know †ђά̲̣̥† it would not hinder others from having fun in †ђά̲̣̥† exact spot few minutes after you are gone??.
For those living on †ђξ Island, well all I can say is this, †ЂΞ OCEAN SURGE is real and happening everywhere, water levels are rising world wide so please stay safe and have options of places not close too close to †ђξ sea †ђά̲̣̥† you can stay. Lots of people have predicted †ђξ disasters †ђά̲̣̥† are to happen and they’re happening

Don’t be indifferent, BE AWARE, BE OBSERVANT!! Do your own research! You can read on Nostrodamus prophecies or books like ‘ When †ђξ Comet Runs’ you would sure find them revealing..

I hope you all stay safe 😀 and live till its TIME( †ђξ right time to pass on) ITS HAPPENING AGAIN People another hurricane in †ђξ US. Lord save our souls. †ђξ time to RUSH is NOW

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