For all †ђξ foodmonger associations out there. Read and have a good laugh

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I’m a foodie. I know it, my family knows it and my friends are learning to live with it. :d I like food, especially if it’s a snack, or what the Americans have aptly termed junk food. Once I don’t have to be actively involved in the preparation of a meal, you can assign me the role of levelling any height of food, and I’ll oblige willingly (did I hear someone say pari olodo?).

Well, I love food; can’t deny that, a healthy appetite is always cool for a man. And ladies have found my consuming abilities sexy and desirable =)) which brings me to the crux of this write up. See, as much as I like home made meals, I gotta say junk food trumps that: always.

There was this time I was craving puff-puff for weeks. It got so bad, I swear I may have dreamt…

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