Pankere Method

For those who d☺n’t know but pankere Is †ђξ Yoruba name for cane. I just had to talk about this cos it bugs me a l☺t.
I’ve heard from many adults ♓☺w Nigeria used to be lawful place in †ђξ past; †ђξ police didn’t have to hold weapons to control affairs or traffic. ♓☺w Lagos used to be one of †ђξ cleanest cities in †ђξ world. Ok what went wrong? †ђξ government? †ђξ people? There were street police too who held just batons to maintain law and order. †ђξ police? Greed?

Back to †ђξ topic of discussion before I divert too much. Promise to talk about It later.
Ladies, ever seen a man peeing(urinating) by †ђξ road side (I can see y’all noding, such a bad sign) and perceived †ђξ concentrated Ammonia mixture †ђά̲̣̥† wafted so naturally to your nose?(Research says men’s urine is more concentrated than women) and †ђξ urge to run past †ђά̲̣̥† particular area so tempting †ђά̲̣̥† is if you d☺n’t actually run.
Let me confess, when I see men do such, it makes me want to take a long pankere(cane) and flog †ђξ guy. Most especially if its in a very clean and tush area. Bringing out ‘Mr John’ so shamelessly in public (did I hear some women say Amen)
I know guys like to show off their stuff *winks* especially when he is handsome but haba Mr John sef should have some shame (or na just me think so).

Men, let me hear your excuse cos you have none hian. If a woman is pressed, she takes time to look out for a toilet not open her beautiful behind on †ђξ road to pee except she is desperately pressed and †ђά̲̣̥† goes without saying.
House owners, I know some d☺n’t paint their walls so often but gosh must you peeing maestros decorate the walls with pee?? *rolling my eyes* some houses d☺n’t deserve to be messed up.

Anyway my solution: would be to get some pankere police on †ђξ roads and when such a person is seen from †ђξ distance. Steps
1.Pick †ђξ specially carved pankere.
2.Set your hand to position. Then
3.Wham!! Whack them on †ђξ backside while they’re peeing. (It may sound mean and I owe no apologies to anyone) wouldn’t you like to see a cleaner and fresher environment?? Or for those decide †ђά̲̣̥† pouring †ђξ dirt in gutters when rain starts thus blocking drainages is †ђξ best way to keep their own environment clean. I tell you †ђξ pankere method is †ђξ best because some would refuse to clean up after being caught especially if you are not holding a gun. (Yes Nigerian’s can be pretty stubborn.
Ok other option(lemme be nice), give †ђξ offender a broom to sweep †ђξ area 😛 or 6 months working for me *****winks****


6 comments on “Pankere Method

    • Well probably †ђξ market women then but you see for men. A woman pressed in a suit would think twice before pulling up her skirt in public, a man wearing a suit w☺n’t think twice before bringing Mr John to greet †ђξ public and w☺n’t even cover him up. †ђξ market women on †ђξ other hand would be decent enough to use their wrappers as a shield for their PP(private property). Shey I lie??

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