Men, share the baby Bump

If men were to Bear children….
I often sit and wonder ♓☺w †ђξ experience would be if men were to (in some cases endure rape, abuse, forceful penetration, unappreciated attitude from their spouse, lack of care and a l☺t more) then carry a child in their wombs for 9months with back pains, swollen feet, house work etc.

Oh what a more appreciative world we would live in!
†ђξ experience women go through would be better understood for many a man do not understand †ђά̲̣̥† this life changing and birthing process can be beautiful, horrifying, enjoyable, so many different experiences †ђά̲̣̥† can be life altering.
It makes †ђξ bond between mother and child really special.
My mother, I love her to pieces. When I go through pain, she does too, its like some unseen cord like connection exists between us making me feel guilty for complaining about anything even while hurting.

When some men make undue demands of their women like expecting them to start having sex almost immediately after †ђξ birthing process while not even showing enough understanding Its really bad.

Men if I may ask, can you squeeze a 10pound, 20inch long and 8inch wide, moving object out of a 2inch hole?? *cupping my hand to my ears* No answer!! Good. Then SHARRAP!!

I guess women would feel better being able to share their beautiful experience and burden with †ђξ one they LOVE (or so they think)

Some men cannot even enter †ђξ labor room with their wives for fear of fainting yet expect their wives to ‘give them’ like at least 4 children.
Some would prefer to claim an important ‘business trip’ †ђά̲̣̥† just can’t be missed “sweetheart, you know I have to make money to take care of you and †ђξ baby. I love you. You know I really want to be there” Gosh so many lies.
I heard one recently by another selfish male who said “my wife must deliver through C-Section abeg. †ђξ place must remain tight or what is a relationship without good sex” if †ђξ woman is not interested in †ђά̲̣̥† must she do it for your selfish reasons? Considering †ђξ risk factor of even †ђξ smallest operation.

I wanna ask, if its such an enjoyable process(†ђξ 2months of nausea&dizzy spells, 9months of swollen feet and weight gain etc) WHY DON’T YOU TRY IT yourself?? Then get cut open afterwards to ensure your performance remains in top shape.*i can hear men grumbling here*(nobody insults my performance) (˘̯˘ ) yeah yeah whatever..

Anyway men, put yourself in your woman’s shoes before suggesting something. Be considerate, loving and caring; massage her feet and show understanding because, putting yourself in her shoes, you can’t take it. Seriously.


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