Setting the ‘P’

Ok lemme see ♓☺w to start. I first heard †ђξ term ‘setting P’ this year and was confused as guys were saying it a lot with a sly look on their faces(which they always have when saying something naughty in a coded manner feeling no one else understands especially ladies). In this same time frame I have heard “I’m taking it P” and so many others hmm sometimes I just shake my head(smh) for our generation with all our shortening of meanings. Like †ђξ GGUM(still d☺n’t know what it means) or †ђξ rest of them, HML, HBD and so on lol. *lemme just warn anybody wanting to tell me HBD or whatever on my birthday* NO TRY AM OH (˘̯˘ ) haba what is †ђά̲̣̥† now. If you can type †ђά̲̣̥† why not write it properly. #birthday coming up in †ђξ scorpio month* oya guess †ђξ date 😀
Seriously, I mean soon we would hardly type a sentence what would make any sense at all hmm †ђξ future generations are in trouble oh. By †ђξ way what would †ђξ new language be called *confused look* share your thoughts LANTASTIC?? Lmao

I heard †ђξ word ‘congi’ for †ђξ first time in †ђξ office(d☺n’t ask what †ђξ topic was oh) surrounded by guys on a daily basis, you get to hear stuff and I was †ђξ only female in †ђξ whole department *covers face* Bigups to NETOPS, IT/SUPPORT, CONNECTIVITY etc( sorry if I no mention your department but these ones dey rep mehn) and I was thoroughly yabbed for not knowing what it meant given †ђξ University I finished from (ok I no dey go out like †ђά̲̣̥†, sue me) (˘̯˘ ) . Just imagine what my innocent ears have been subjected to on a daily basis LOL. Oh, by †ђξ way †ђξ ‘taking it P’ (I heard it a lot from Dolapo) babe but you know now *winks*
I remember actually taking a night out to google shortened forms to words and their meanings. Boy was I surprised at all †ђξ shortened forms I saw, with so many parents complaining about having to use these mediums to understand their children and be part of †ђξ ‘hip’ and happening’ or loose them forever.

Anyway back to †ђξ topic at hand ‘Setting P’ hmm culled from Justine *winks* after a long, hot P setting session with †ђξ Heavens Cakes Group. if you aint in †ђξ group, even by association you missing out #gbam# rubber stamp LOL.

Here goes:
‘Setting P’ is a Nigerian Slang or term used in reference to the male-female relationship dynamic. It is the art of picking up girls, women, ladies (whatever the politically correct term is). Of course I dont mean the literal picking up of girls I mean the art of seduction or the science of getting someone to want to copulate with you.
Setting P can refer to the witty banter and conversational tactics men use to get women. For example, If you are talking to a girl with the aim of engaging in some bedroom algebra where you solve for triple X and she is interested; your game is working on her, then you are setting P.
Setting P is only used in cases where the seduction is working or seems to be working. If you are striking out, then bro you are NOT setting P. Hmm

In certain context I believe Setting P could even refer to the art of love making.

Thou Shalt toe the line between slightly flirtatious, provocative and interesting (basically dont dull yaself ma sexy bro’s)

Thou Shall Not be too persuasive or persistent (The African Man Stereotype)

If 1st means of contact was not in person thou shall slowly progress to voice and then face to face meeting to build up expectation. (works real well especially if you know you’re hawt and gat a husky voice too) blushing *faints*

Thou shall never overestimate your worth, if anything it is better to underestimate your worth. (D☺n’t form abeg, ‘No time’ mchew)

Stingy dates or outings are not the P(selfish guys abeg park well I nor dey for †ђά̲̣̥† one) hian (˘̯˘ )

Thou shall never be too serious, the road to a person’s pants are paved with humor not stone faces *winks* (laugh your way to †ђξ honey pot my dear.)

Thou shall flatter, but pumping the head of the girl/boy you are setting P with to the point of disrespect is not the P (behave yourself joor, no dey play rough play abeg. Oya come here, u̶̲̥̅̊ want …. Haba dirty mind na 3 for hug) mine is pretty expensive

Now ladies I hope you have read this. Shine your eyes and know when a guy is setting P. Are you up for †ђξ game?? Let them work †ђξ talk jawe. Besides guys, you know ladies have †ђξ upper hand even they are sometimes emotional. Ehen ehen whot, abeg d☺n’t argue with moi
On a serious note: D☺n’t get it twisted and have fun setting P, just d☺n’t hurt anyone in †ђξ process.

I w☺n’t hurt you, oya come and let’s set P together 😛

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5 comments on “Setting the ‘P’

  1. lolz… oh well..
    I’m good. waiting for next month/something exciting to happen. Hope you’re good too?

    Can i get your Facebook handle (since the other offer has expired)?

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