Survivor tales

Wearing a black knee length skirt and red shirt, with medium high heels, Tosin walked out of †ђξ Cisco Academy around 8:00pm. Waved goodbye to Emmanuel, the instructor and course mates whom she barely knew. They were all male so she dint hang around for too long after class.
With a sigh she crossed †ђξ road in Mushin area of Lagos. She did not know †ђξ rough area well and hated †ђξ fact †ђά̲̣̥† her classes were extending so late into †ђξ night. It had to be done †ђά̲̣̥† way because they all went to work during †ђξ day. CCNA exams were getting close and everyone wanted to come out with high grades. Academy exams had been taken and Tosin was proud of her high marked scores.
Shaking †ђξ thoughts off, she hailed a bike not trusting herself to take a bus lest she get kidnapped as †ђξ area was notorious for that.
“Bike…, okada”, she shouted to †ђξ bikes passing by.
A dare devil rider stopped in front of her.
“Where?”, He said
“Toyota Bustop, I hope you know †ђξ place?”
“Yes now aunty, why I no go know †ђξ place. Na, N150 oh” sensing she was a JJC(a new person in †ђξ area)
“Haba, its not far from her joor. Its N100 I have oh.”
†ђξ bike man rode a little forward but on sensing she wasn’t going to beg him he stopped and asked her to Hop on.
†ђξ journey began a bit over medium speed, but †ђξ fact †ђά̲̣̥† her father was waiting for her in †ђξ office and getting out of †ђξ area was topmost on her mind, she didn’t mind.
As they approached †ђξ roundabout of Ladipo road †ђξ man was practically flying with his bike.
“Oga slow down oh, we would get to where we are going abeg” she shouted as he nearly hit a car coming from †ђξ left of †ђξ bend.
“madam wetin na. Na today I just dey ride okada for this lagos?”, He hissed
“And so what, be careful and slow down abeg”, thinking of stopping him and getting off as goose flesh rose on her arms and neck. She couldn’t wait to get to her destination. She stared forward with clenched teeth and toes, looking left and right as she saw a empty trailer drive past, far ahead of †ђξ same roundabout.
†ђξ bike man increased his speed again after initially slowing down. She didn’t like it and †ђξ trailer was now very close to them. There was a bump on †ђξ tarred road with sand beside it with a little space left between. †ђξ bike man had decided he just couldn’t let †ђξ trailer go first and just as she was about to scream “STOP”
†ђξ last thing she heard was “gbriiii gbash, gbosa” with †ђξ sound of tires close to her head, †ђξ clanging of †ђξ trailer above and blood draining from her body. People were screaming all over and in those split seconds she thought
“am I going to die today?”
Then †ђξ sound of her bones breaking reached her ears.
“Daddy is waiting for me. Who will tell him what happened?” She thought. With all her energy and †ђξ grace of †ђξ Lord, she used her right hand to raise †ђξ left hand from †ђξ floor and rolled over.
Women screamed nearby “haaa †ђξ trailer just missed her head”
“Wow, this is a miracle”
Trying to sort her thoughts, she knew she still had hope but her body was weakening fast. She had to get out of here and talk to someone she knew. All her things were scattered across †ђξ road as she managed to wedge her body by a roadside kiosk. People had begun to gather in †ђξ dark, crowding her and all exclaiming she began to fall asleep.
“Let us help her massage †ђξ hand and legs or take her to a pharmacy” uttered by a man who started to try to hold †ђξ broken hand †ђά̲̣̥† had doubled in size and bleeding.
She shouted “No, No, d☺n’t touch it. Shaking †ђξ sleep from her eyes, so this was ♓☺w accident victims died from overzealous onlookers trying to apply their own form of first aid killing †ђξ person in †ђξ process.
Remembering all she had watched on Medical detectives, †ђξ fact †ђά̲̣̥† her mother is a nurse and she a red cross member, she kept on saying no till no one tried to touch her again.
“Please my phone” she managed to say as someone said “haa, if it were a man, we won’t mind him oh. We will massage †ђξ hands and legs and take him to †ђξ pharmacy”.
No one could find †ђξ phones for a while and it never occurred to her †ђά̲̣̥† they could have been stolen until one who had been shining a torch to her body and sometimes trying to see up her skirt said “give her †ђξ phone” to another man standing behind her. They had actually stolen †ђξ phone thinking her to be dead or dying soon as †ђξ devil is a liar. She hit †ђξ re-dial button not caring who but guessing her last call was to her father.
“Daddy”, she sobbed weakly. “I’ve been in an accident, please come get me quickly”
“WHATT!! Where are you?”
“I d☺n’t know, let me give someone to tell you where” as a woman gave descriptions.
After about 15minutes Tosin’s father arrived †ђξ scene of †ђξ accident with a colleague visibly shaken and thanking them all carried her off to †ђξ vehicle. Later to be pumped full with morphine continuously for hours to reduce †ђξ pain.
It wasn’t my time, I SURVIVED 🙂

This is my story, me D’Almeida Oluwatosin and this happened 2years ago October 11th 2010, around 8:20pm.
Thanking †ђξ Lord for his grace and mercy, because I stood another chance. Dedicated to all those who have survived accidents and who have lost their lives in various accidents around †ђξ world but mostly in Nigeria and on †ђξ popular Okada due to over speeding and onlookers overzealous behaviors. Many a person would still be alive today.

To write this without appreciating some people would be bad. Thank you to all my family members (D’Almeida P. Bolaji, D’Almeida F. Titilola, D’Almeida Ebun O.) including extended. I can’t go without saying a major thank you to a friend who stood by me through it all from day one Adeola Aboyade-Cole. Thank you all so very much for your Love and care


10 comments on “Survivor tales

    • í know dear and †ђά̲̣̥† is why I am eternally grateful for another chance yet †ђά̲̣̥† I have been given to do †ђξ Will of †ђξ Lord and serve him with my All. Living life to its fullest

    • Aww dear at least I survived and ‘live to die another day’ and you are here to give me †ђξ support I need now. I have lots of work to do and to †ђξ glory or †ђξ Lord and his grace, I will complete my task. So when I go *home* aint nufing gonna hold me back and I will leave thousands and billions of smiling faces at †ђξ legacy I have left behind.

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