What seek Ye???

What seek ye?
Says the man to the heart.
“Wealth, riches, love and success”.
He lives to petition,
To grumble and cry,
But never a time, does he give thanks,
To The Lord above
Who graciously granted,
The gift of life,
The eyes to see and everything else.
What see ye?
The man asks the woman.
“Your love, your heart,
Your wealth and riches with a roof above my head”.
But never a time, does she offer to Give.
For selfishness and greed is all she sees.
What seek ye?
The woman asks the man.
“Your beauty, your body, and children you bare.
For my house must be filled with Heirs to my name,
With daughters to marry off and show the world”.
What seek ye parents ask their children.
Oh! Money and toys to give me comfort,
Not thinking of what, they can bring to the table.
What seek Ye ‘MAN’???
For selfishness, greed and demands are all we are about.
Be simple, be true,
Be pure and steadfast.
For only in giving shall You receive.
And all you seek shall come in due course…
Graciously thanking The Lord for ALL HE Has Done.


2 comments on “What seek Ye???

  1. Aaaaw! Very nice piece. Scorptastic. Thumbs up. In all we should remember to just stop all the begging instead of truly worshiping/praying) and just remember to give thanks. To seek to render selfless service or love truly without asking anything in return.

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