Jungle Justice

You sit and watch,

You stand and stare.

The rage boils on.

The crowd boos and cheers.

You are forced to think.
Trying to understand WHY?

They are like animals,

There is naught you can do.

The system is corrupt.

Witness from a distance,

You watch from the scene,

From your comfort zone.

Animals in human bodies.

Dehumanizing each other.

For the sake of justice?

For the sake of rage?

For the sake of something,
Not worth a human soul.

Alas, there they stand,

Cheering the madness,

Edging them on.

Tires, fuel and matches, It ends up in flames.

The human body consumed.

Those who watched and cheered, think “it cannot be me”

Another day, another time,

There you stand, claiming all your innocence.

They find you Guilty and The flames be the Judge.

Jungle Justice served,

On a smoking Hot dish.

The Law of Karma,

The Law of Sowing and Reaping,

The Law of Reciprocal Action.

What goes around comes around.


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