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I’ve had this in my phone draft for donkey years. Read, let me know what you think. I musta written it in commemoration of independence, but posted something else, so here goes nothing, read, think a little 🙂

An array of colours green
With white blooms in
A deluge of achievements harangue
That scarcely moves anyone around

Shattered dreams unearthed
Frustrations released, or let
Plans, devices the heartbeat of one
One signifies the multitude

Words spoken mirthless
Yet laughter fills the background
A cacophony uproarious
For his words be phony.

This sector is working, that has being resurrected
He preaches on; oblivious to their distaste
His performance he must complete strongly
Yet with every word he is derided harshly.

Teardrops fill the land
The ones who should be kings are humbled
And servants reign in their stead
This error is also his performance

So I long for the day

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