Love Hurts

Dedicating this post to all the lovers out there. Those who have been hurt,
Who are hurting.
Who are hurting people and all the rest.
Meeting lots of hurt people around the world so..
I guess I’m a helpless romantic just speaking my mind.. Here goes something…

Love Hurts?
Love Bleeds?
Love Makes Children of even the most grown Men and women.

Love Melts Hearts as hard as Diamonds.
Love Moves mountains and fills up Rivers.

Why did Cupid come to visit me today!
When I was most Unprepared?
Why did he shoot me with his dreaded arrow,
That even the “Wise Ones” avoid?
Why did the master of mockery play with my Heart.

Oh Love,
See What you have done to me.
I never meant for you to fill my heart.
With so much pleasure and pain at once.
I feel so Hungry; For your Love.
Thirsty, for your Care.

Why do we Love those we Love?
Why do those we Love not Love us back?
We feel so hurt when we see those we care deeply about with someone else?
Why is it that whose we Love, love other people?

So big, wide and all encompassing.

Why does love, love us,
Why do we love the love that doesn’t love us.
….. Feel the Love,
…… Experience it,
……. Let it in,
………..Love, and don’t hold anything back..
…….. True Love wins in the End.
………… True Love is Endless…

Keeping the Flame of Love burning
Love, doesn’t really hurt guys and ladies, its the Object of your Love that Hurts you….. Till my next post……Mwwaaahhh


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