Nice read for ladies who think they can’t defend them selves in the event of Rape. Its a cowardly act of a weak mind. D☺n’t become weak yourself ladies, stick to †ђξ KEY WORDS:
FIGHT: d☺n’t feel you’re †ђξ ‘weaker sex’ fight †ђξ silly konji ridden guy off.
PREVENT: d☺n’t go to guys houses unaccompanied if you can help it or you’re putting yourself at his mercy.
SPEAK. OUT: there is always help to be found ‘seek and ye shall find’. Help won’t come to you till you look for it. You may just have caught something let it be gone now. Talk to someone and let things be made better and easier even though †ђξ authorities are not much help. Nigeria smh

Stay safe ladies. Guys use your head and not †ђξ ‘D’ to think duh


When my little cousin was about to go off to University, I called her and gave her some advice. Nothing too preachy; just some basic rules for keeping safe from sexual predators and pervy hawks.  I am a lad, and I know all the tricks of the game: nobody was pimping my little cousin. She later confessed  that the advice I gave her helped her and some of her friends she shared them with, and were gems that should be codified into a journal or something. Ah bless.

Seeing the rising incidents of rape and sexual assault, I have decided to draw up this set of rules for the benefit of my reading audience. Guys could have a read too, but they won’t be needing them unless they are super-star entertainers or billionaires. Naija girls won’t molest you unless you are loaded or famous, abi?

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