GTBank and the Naughty Customer

The moment you stop obeying †ђξ Law of †ђξ environment you find yourself, then you must be a *Goat* (only goats d☺n’t care ♓☺w their lawlessness affects †ђξ environment)

There are so many goats everywhere around us they need to be treated as such. They d☺n’t obey any rules and believe they are above †ђξ rules †ђά̲̣̥† apply to others…. Do not blame me as even women are more culpable most times; let me give a scenario.

I was in GTBank recently and as usual †ђξ queue was quite long. As a good, law abiding citizen, I joined behind †ђξ last person and after a while this middle aged woman (about late 40’s) removed †ђξ barricade(you know those thick hook ended dividers) instead of going around it and came to join †ђξ queue in front of me.

I was like “ehn, †ђξ queue” pointing to †ђξ last person for her to find her level (to †ђξ end of †ђξ queue) she just turned around, looked at me and faced her front again.

I studied her, this woman in probably her 40’s †ђά̲̣̥† won’t respect herself. She was lucky I wasn’t in †ђξ mood or I would have given her a few ‘words of wisdom’. She would never have forgotten me (P.s: I’m not rude, but when †ђξ need arises I can put people in their place, regardless of their age)

Anyway, I knew this one was a trouble maker, so I just shook my head at her and continued listening to †ђξ conversations about GTBank Customer Service personnel in Ojodu branch precisely. Comments were they d☺n’t smile to welcome customers, their attitude isn’t just nice, they merge even those checking account balance with †ђξ queue of people paying in, withdrawing and transferring funds(I do not know why so d☺n’t ask me) and †ђά̲̣̥† they looked stressed out with †ђξ number of customers coming their way, hence †ђξ behavior.

Be fore I digress †ђξ queue moved ever annoyingly slow, and †ђξ woman kept checking her wrist watch and shaking her body. I just wanted to laugh. We were all in a hurry so what was her issue. Mtchew I hissed wondering what her problem was and guess WHAT?…

One of †ђξ counter attendants said “Next” and within †ђξ blink of an eye †ђξ woman went over the barricade and went to †ђξ attendant. “Haa”

Everyone started shouting “No she isn’t †ђξ next person”
“She can’t go oh” and all sorts of things. You all know ♓☺w you behave in scenarios like †ђά̲̣̥†. Anyway me I was a saint *shhh*
The “next person”, a guy who was looking lost finally went to meet the attendant and she was asked to step aside. Not ashamed yet, she stood near the attendant shaking her body and checking †ђξ time.

Smh as at this point some of the other people on the queue who were discussing the customer service of GTBank started talking about her and I hissed “Lawlessness and they would be pretending to be good outside” as †ђξ woman tied a scarf over her ears. They all said “yes”
“Abi oh” you trust my people now they must support as if they couldn’t talk on their own before.

Most women are considered stubborn cos of their actions. †ђξ truth is women are †ђξ bane of †ђξ society, once they go wrong, †ђξ society is wrong too.

Anyway another woman who had children said “please †ђξ school bus would soon drop my children off and nobody is at home” and guess what, we all said “of course go to †ђξ front of †ђξ line much to †ђξ annoyance of †ђξ other queue jumping woman.
Finally it became her turn, then mine and I did my business. Do not ask me what oh. Hian tiff ole.
As we were leaving trust us now, everyone greeted themselves bye like old friends. Lol.
Nigerians just form friendships over little things and battle over less ones.
All in all, I do Like GTBank a lot actually 😀 so no pun intended, I just relayed it as it happened. So we will get better customer services. I trust you guys.


3 comments on “GTBank and the Naughty Customer

  1. “I was like “ehn, †ђξ queue” pointing to †ђξ last person for her to find her level, she just looked at me and faced her front.” You were standing in front of her now, so which front did she face again? I’ll bbm other observations…

    • Daireen haba u̶̲̥̅̊ need 7-up bottle oh. Did u̶̲̥̅̊ miss †ђξ part I wrote she entered †ђξ queue in front of me that’s why I pointed to †ђξ back. (˘̯˘ ) Hmm oya bbm kia kia. Anyway, Read Juicy Bits 3 on and comment 😛

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