Top and Bottom 10 Videos of the Week

Welcome to Scorptastics Top and Bottom 10 list

Music is †ђξ food of my Soul.
Its been in †ђξ works for a while and I’ve been considering not releasing this category in my blog but ‘Liver’ got †ђξ better side of me today.

You see, I l☺ve music a lot and feel bad when lots of people go into music for †ђξ wrongest of reasons (just to make money) forgetting it is also to entertain and educate.

I sing a little( yeah! Not all those from †ђξ womb tinz abeg) but l☺ve music to pieces.

Music makes me High! for those who know me I d☺n’t need a drink get high but good music. If I ever enter †ђξ industry I would like your honest opinion on my songs, content and videos.

Hence my Top 10 and Bottom songs. Its only to help †ђξ industry become better so no offense intended guys and ladies in †ђξ bottom category. It only means try better to project your song †ђξ right way. In †ђξ 3 values (lyrical content, videography and the matching video)

D☺n’t just start singing cos you have a little money. Abeg give me if you d☺n’t have anything better doing. Trust me to invest it wisely 😀

Top 10

1. Yes or No by BankyW
This has been my favorite since it was released and all his other songs. Its not just because I’ve always been tripping for him( GF please do not be jealous oh. Its from †ђξ distance) †ђξ video was on point as usual, †ђξ swag was on great and I loved †ђξ dance. His attempt at Etige is laudable. Download †ђξ video here and make your decision. Find him on twitter @BankyW

2 GhenGhen Love: Yemi Alade
Really nice song and creative video and a showing off herself as a badass. Nice concept to †ђξ video. Thumbs up to †ђξ ladies in †ђξ music industry too. †ђξ videographe I haven’t gotten enough liver to join them *covers face* lol on twitter handle @YemiAlade

2. Gobe By Davido
I like †ђξ whole concept of this video. †ђξ smile at †ђξ end showing am unbeatable spirit was priceless trust me and I l☺ve dimples. Dancing was on point, video was nice all in all thumbs up. No tripping he is my younger brother. Download here. ( Lol twitter handle @iam_davido

3. Skibo by Solid star:
Really lovely video and I can dance along to it. Nice influx of african stuff in it. Even though I d☺n’t know what Skibo means. ” Fine fine ladies, imma take you to †ђξ ……. La la la” go watch it abeg. Find on twitter @solidstarisok

3: Flavor and Your Waist by Iyanya:
I just love this guy and his unbreakable spirit(with all he has gone through) I was listening to it even in bed and stood up to dance at 2am *covers face* did I mention I love to dance. I like †ђξ fact †ђά̲̣̥† he dint use half naked girls and yet it gets your blood pumping. “Iyanya” *in †ђά̲̣̥† dark skinned Project Fame faculty members sultry voice. In my voice ” I like †ђξ way you wind Iyanya” only those who have heard my voice know ♓☺w this sounds. Lol follow on twitter @iyanya

4. You gat me high by MayD:
Like †ђξ video, its real nice. †ђξ lyrics are easy to follow and catchy even our house help knows †ђξ song and he isn’t even Nigerian. Dont let me talk too much MayD you know its nice. on twitter @MisterMayD .

5. Uncle Dele by Joules Da kid
I dunno why ever since †ђξ link was sent to me a while back and I downloaded it, I just loved it. And it kept playing in my head for days. †ђξ video was nice, my only grouse is †ђά̲̣̥† he wasn’t wearing native but dog chains and casual wears or a lady dancing so hard her gele is about to fall off. Twitter handle @JoulesDakid

5. Anike by Djsose.
†ђξ guys who appeared in †ђξ video projected †ђξ video and DjSose looked as cute as ever even though he didn’t utter a single word with his nice looking tattoo on his face. Nice entrance though. @DjSose

6. Cash flow by D’banj:
Gay smile at †ђξ beginning lol. Mr Eja Nla. Its funny ♓☺w you pulled †ђά̲̣̥† one off. But surely you know you can’t play with those kindda people in real life without them coming after your whole family afterwards. “They are not Nigerian” in MI’s voice nice concept and lyrics sha.twitter @iamdbanj

7. Tonight & Like to party by Burna boy:
For someone like me who I dint even know he was Nigerian or who he was before. He has impressed me continuously. I remember when I was asking on twitter “who is Burna Boy?”
Well to his voice is kindda magnetic sexy hawt and has lots of potential “Said tonight will be your night” then adding some Yoruba influx “Awon jose won gbodo wole, o le tell me why” really, tell me why I shouldn’t keep listening to this handsome dude. His voice is something I can identify from my sleep. On twitter @burnaboy

8. Gud girl by Sound Sultan:
Nice video and lyrics. Sound sultan always ensures his lyrics make sense. But good girls usually like Bad guys, answer to your question. Lol twitter @soundsultan

9. Ringtone by Crystals:
I’m impressed by these ladies. They brought out a new flow, rap and dance to their swag. Cool video, energetic dance and I like †ђξ lead lady, lots of swag too.

10. My baby by Skales :
Nice video. Not much exposure from †ђξ ladies but it was cool. Nice concept, nice gentle dance. Thumbs up. on twitter @youngskales

10. Club on fire by Waconzy:
I was prepared not to like †ђξ video probably cos of †ђξ title but it is actually nice. Portrayed a very hot club scene. Lyrics, erhmm I couldda written †ђά̲̣̥†. Just saying! Nice video. Follow on twitter @waconzy)


Bottom 10

So sorry if you find yourself on this list. Its just Scorptastic giving her honest analysis of your lyrical content and Video. Its for you to do better next time so I can buy your album and download your songs(if I download, more people will) NO PUN Intended 🙂 in no particular order. And I couldn’t get your handles and links to your video.

1. Gbondede by Koko J :
Was an OK video. †ђξ ladies were actually “gboning their dede” lol abi +eating a BANNANA ♓☺w does †ђά̲̣̥† follow? :O and what was with †ђξ kissing and smooching †ђξ girls neck about? :S if she is your girlfriend why now “get a Room” and spare viewers of all †ђά̲̣̥† *sereren* (˘̯˘ ) it doesn’t fit †ђξ video.

2. Money crazy by Portah:
Ok, yeah you’re money Crazy; we get †ђά̲̣̥†, lots of people are too. So ♓☺w did you *Hammer* since “Maga No Need pay?? What’s with †ђξ “eh ehe eh Ehe” :O what’s †ђά̲̣̥†? You wanna c** or something? Puleaze.

3. Photogenic by Wizboy ft Ikechukwu:
(-̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ ) why? Why? Wizboy, Why? †ђξ video is TIGHT, BEATS are lovely but why did u̶̲̥̅̊ waste them on “Photogenic” seriously? Many people like and dislike this video cos of †ђά̲̣̥†. Nice Rap by Ikechukwu though it would just have been in my top 10 instead.

4. Salute me by Skarfizo: ok watched †ђξ video but I still d☺n’t see ♓☺w †ђξ video portrays someone being saluted and why. Its a rap yeah and †ђξ lyrics are cool but †ђξ video dint do it any justice. Sorry!

5. Dont kill it by A4:
what on earth was †ђά̲̣̥† WINK at †ђξ beginning of †ђξ video :O it was awful. They could have gotten a pretty lady to do †ђά̲̣̥† haba. “Olenu daku” shuo where is †ђξ lady with big lips or some lady showing her face or something. :S no face and instead a sweaty lady is just showing off her satin behind. Not right! *_*

6. Naughty girl by Rilwan:
Well †ђξ girls portrayed †ђξ normal naughty girl thingy which is shown I most videos but sorry to say †ђξ video had no concept. It wasn’t fluid but they tried with †ђξ video a bit. Though †ђξ acting could be better sha. Maybe if I watch it again it would make sense to me cos I still d☺n’t just get it.

7. Party system by Fedi
what on earth is “she dey do me like Alomo in my system” seriously I d☺n’t know what †ђά̲̣̥† is supposed to protray oh. Alomo would not do you like †ђά̲̣̥† Mr Fedi. Find out what Alomo does before you put it as part of your tagline in your song.

8. Feeling †ђξ funky by R Trimnel:
†ђξ rap is OK I guess but I couldn’t hear what he was saying :S so I can’t place you in †ђξ top 10. Guess you guys can work on †ђά̲̣̥† in ur next video.

9. Beremole by bryme:
Ok all I see is ladies winding and shaking their booty. †ђξ video was OK BUT Too many flashing lights and all †ђά̲̣̥†. If †ђξ ladies were probably wearing Native I think it would have made some sense to me. Sorry guys probably ur next song will be better. I hope!

10. Opasa by Slim brown:
D☺n’t really understand †ђξ concept sorry. Anyone who can should please holla at me. It got me confused.

11Sofa by Vito and W4:
:S :S what on earth is “I wanna sit on your Sofa” na wah oh. Have songs finished ni? To say I’m disappointed is an understatement. Rest my case abeg.

That’s my official first top and bottom 10 for this week. Next week friday will be better. Keep it fresh.



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