The Ring……………Licence to COMMIT

He who has ears let him hear for *†ђξ 10 commandments* have been quite clear on †ђξ topic…. “Thou Shalt NOT Commit ADULTRY”

That little *Band* of commitment is not only Physical. It begins from †ђξ mental state of your mind. You are responsible for all your actions. Be wise…

Let me begin by saying “I am not a saint. Just a human being trying to be better”

Someone recently called me “Mother Theresa” Mahn, I do not know where you got †ђά̲̣̥† notion about me.
The Yorubas have a saying “what you won’t eat, do not smell it” a very wise saying.

Yeah! You see what inspired me to write this is a series of experiences and for all †ђξ guilty parties who see something close to their scenario here well I just had to report your case to †ђξ global community. No apologies 😛

Mind you not all these are my personal stories so do not get it twisted.

†ђξ favorite Quote for many men in this ‘Adulterous shoes’ is “it’s a man’s world” but I beg to differ.
My version is “it’s a Man’s world, with a woman Ruling it”

Deep down you men know its true, but your mighty Egos won’t let you agree with me.
So be it then……

I’m of †ђξ train of thought †ђά̲̣̥† ‘DO NOT GET COMMITTED” if you’re not ready to COMMIT.
Simple words. How Hard can it be?
No one forces you to walk down †ђξ Isle.
Yet you say those VOWs on your memorable occasion and go out of your way to COMMIT.

Many people are of †ђξ false Notion †ђά̲̣̥† it is compulsory to get married, I Do not agree with this.
There are so many unhappy Married people and MANY Happy singles. Doubt me? Take a critical look around you.

People get married for †ђξ wrongest of reasons and I still wonder. Why?
Collapsed marriages are all around every look and cranny haven’t still taught many to look for and marry their Best Friend. Yeah! When all †ђξ Love is gone, that’s all that’s left.

Some unwise married man recently said “As long as I give my wife money for her upkeep. Take good care of my Children and other responsibilities, My WIFE couldn’t care less Who I Fuck”, yeah I heard those words with my own innocent ears.
What utter rubbish!! Pissed off, I said “when you give her infections you have caught from your numerous *one night stands* how do you suggest she should take it?”

He answered to my annoyance “Haaaa that’s what CONDOMS are for”
Mogbe! Did I hear him right? Haven’t there been so many cases of ladies getting pregnant even with double condom usage.
Only for me to get †ђξ response ” I do not use those local condoms. I use †ђξ likes of Durex and all”

Unfortunately, he isn’t wise enough to understand †ђά̲̣̥† STI(D)sSTD(I)s can also be transferred from †ђξ hair follicles, cuts and bruises on †ђξ skin of an infected person(even oral sex sef ). †ђξ fact †ђά̲̣̥† many a woman keep mum when they face these issues thinking they caught a toilet infection or deluding themselves †ђά̲̣̥† “my husband cannot cheat on me” till †ђξ reality of Life catches up with them.

So many Married Men nowadays hardly go out with their wives. Some out rightly run their own shows separately(while I wonder how they still produce children) and this includes young couples. They prefer going with concubines, or just some other sexual companion tagging along for †ђξ ride and collecting part of their money..

Another Man claimed “my wife is happy when I go out, after all she met me as a Unilag Club boy”
After asking why he does not go out with her. He said “she doesn’t like going out”
Tell me which woman wouldn’t like going out with her husband.
He continued “if I go for a long period without going out she will ask me to look for some activity to take me out”
Lies!! All for what? To get another ‘punani’ mtchew
In my mind, its either †ђξ wife is having her own trips or there Is something wong with this picture.

You guys say “how am I expected to eat from†ђξ same pot of soup for †ђξ rest of my life”
Did you ask your wife “how do you cope, eating †ђξ same banana for †ђξ rest of your life?” Hunh?

I read a story recently and †ђξ man confessed to have cheated on his wife severally including packing out about 3 times each time longer than †ђξ last. Leaving †ђξ wife to cater to †ђξ children’s needs.
Finally he decided outside †ђξ home wasn’t best and his wife was †ђξ ish. And so †ђξ wife who always accepted him back did so again with wide arms. Now he has issues with sex with his wife, WHY? because she confessed to having an affair once during his total absence. He said though he knows its his fault, he can’t get †ђξ image of another Man touching his wife out of his head.

Tell me is this justified?
What about *The men* who are with †ђξ women he slept with? Q. what should they do?

Some men claim single ladies find their wedding bands attractive so they know its just SEX. Money and no emotional attachment.

Ladies who assist this Crime, I urge you to think well when you finally get married. Be assured someone will share your husband with you too if not steal him.
Secondly men, d☺n’t throw SHIT in women’s faces because you think she doesn’t know.
Lemme tell you Women can DO YOU without your knowledge and they DO know when you’re cheating. Women are smarter than you

If you like variety, you guys should play dressup, get wigs, travel, learn languages and get her speaking french to you in †ђξ bedroom 😉 to add more spice.

There aint no problem †ђά̲̣̥† can’t be solved by you and your baby :> TOGETHER

stop using thξ ‘License to Commit Adultery’. Being Married, is a state of mind. Stop disrespecting her and yourself.

……And wearing your wedding Band with pride it isn’t a new status. Its also a KEEP OFF Sign

Gracias!! Merci!! Danke!!


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