Mr & Mrs

And so I finally watched †ђξ prestigious NOLLYWOOD blockbuster “Mr & Mrs” no thanks to my dear friend Daireen who refused to give me his copy when promised. Yeah after all his talk and bragging about his watching a Nollywood Movie †ђά̲̣̥† impressed him. He selfishly got rid of it †ђξ day before my visit to his house.

Anyway and so Disk A was popped in. We(my sister and I ) started ‘Mr& Mrs and were rooted to †ђξ screen. Lovely acting as I’ve never seen before as I hardly watch *Home videos/ movies* from Nollywood except a limited few.

Why? They disappoint viewers at every turn with low quality movies whose production and shoot takes about a week, give or take and there is absolutely NO and LOW quality.

Anyway back to Disk A of ‘Mr & Mrs’ from Nollywood. Thus †ђξ mentally, verbally and physically abusive husband kept on with his act as usually happens in so many homes. At least one type of abuse is apt to occur.

Thus when †ђξ laptop battery died just at †ђξ concluding part of Disk A and it was too late to put on †ђξ generator thanks to PHCN and their wahala we waited till †ђξ following day.

Disk B was started and we sat rooted this time to †ђξ Tv screen and much to my unanticipated disappointment †ђξ acting of †ђξ man wasn’t up to my expectation.
I do not know if after doing a wonderful job in †ђξ first part, decided they had done enough and had to rush †ђξ script.

Another thing I noticed, when †ђξ husband was supposed to be sorry and crying I seriously felt like laughing because it was terrible †ђξ expression just did not match †ђξ fake tears coming down his face.

Why didn’t he begin with taking her breakfast in bed?
Why did they have to have spent a night together before he could show ♓☺w he really felt? After all her shakara †ђξ transition wasn’t just alright for me.
Sincerely that’s what happens when ladies from humble backgrounds go and marry from rich families and saucy Mother-in-laws

The End for me was a bit alright. Yes, I know laughing or hearty laughter is one of †ђξ hardest things to do in acting but it could have been done better to match disk A’s passion..

The second couple were very alright and †ђξ Akwa-ibom house help is actually very pretty. †ђά̲̣̥† would have been missed if they hadn’t shown her on ‘throwing out day’

All in all, †ђξ main Actress was quite good and her Crazy laughs were very crazy though a bit extreme at a point.

Its just me giving my analysis of Mr&Mrs by Nollywood 🙂
Xoxo Scorptastic 😉


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