I Had A Girl

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So I got drenched wella in the rain this morning on my way to work. Been cold all day and with night-time came this melancholic feeling. Needless to say this is its result, please objectively critique.


When loneliness my companion be
Days be long with shivering cold
My heart opens and I remember
The warmth of her embrace, her beautiful smile
I rue my luck then, as it rushes,
I had a girl, now I’m lonely stuck.

When attention I duly seek
A one to hold me close and bosom embrace
When friends my antics deride
As girls new, their faces turn
I shrug in abject defeat
I had a girl, and I watched her go.

As couples in loving embrace I watch
Her loving eyes trusting implicit his own
I yearn with a new desire and cringe
‘Twas my greatest undoing that sits me still
Complacent I became and…

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