my black bile

1. Some people don’t care much of their self, its easy to think people are either selfless by nature or selfish. Being kind to people is how these kind hearts derive their own joy. Its strange how these people exist amongst all these selfish corrupt individuals and remain who they are. They make living bliss, their deed strike memories always, its just good, let’s work on our kindness.

2. I seen love at the extreme, ‘family first’…. Always, that man was like 80, sick to the brow, tubes running hither, here there through his nose, into his skin, his eye sunken, absent minded he was, he’s overwhelmed by the pain in his soul. Sitting close, by his bed was his 75 year old wife, with absent incisors, skin as thick and friable as leather, a feeble unappealing smile, everybody had to know what transpired, she was sitting there rubbing his…

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