Job interview/ Test? I Wish…

I woke up at 6am and dragged myself to †ђξ bathroom whilst my body lay unwilling. Yes I just had to give myself †ђά̲̣̥† punishment, after all I had received a mail and text message to prepare for a test for a job(along with a million others) I thought as I showered and got dressed.

Let me take you back a bit, you see normally I won’t grumble when I have an interview but…..
About 12hours before I couldn’t walk straight, eat or do much. Yeah it was †ђά̲̣̥† wickedly painful time when ladies cry for days (d☺n’t ask, d☺n’t get slapped time). Even my dad asked me to stay in bed and I was being pampered. D☺n’t be jealous!!! Appreciate your dad too.

Anyway I dressed up and began †ђξ journey to †ђξ said address on †ђξ text message which I had received and it went thus:

“Congratulations! U’ve been shortlisted as a qualified candidate in HOMEGA CONSULT, 20 Adekintan St. PALM AVENUE MUSHIN. The test will hold on Sat,4th May,2013 by 9am” From +2348160790955.

Two days before, I had received a mail with †ђξ same details from an OMOTOLA LAWAL with email address

Oh yeah!! See me thinking “ok I’ve got another prospective job” shaking my head at myself now.

Little did I know ♓☺w I had been played by †ђξ masters of †ђξ Job scam whom I had managed to avoid lots of times and changed names (from HAS to HS Alliance and who knows what else) thanks to my Almighty GOOGLE and .

But on this occasion only this website with this link provided information about it (I’ve never heard of †ђξ website before now) but as †ђξ only website †ђά̲̣̥† provided information on them and it happened to be FALSE.

Getting to †ђξ Venue happened to be a bit stressful and as I got close to †ђξ place looking lost, †ђξ people in †ђξ environment(obviously used to †ђξ scammed visiting ) pointed to †ђξ building and I smiled thankfully and trusting.

At †ђξ entrance I saw some suited guys gisting but who obviously came for †ђξ same purpose and directed me inside. So, I entered †ђξ compound, and I saw an uncompleted security post with a banner on †ђξ building saying event centre. I was immediately suspicious. †ђξ hairs of my back were standing(by †ђξ hairs did stand)

If a regular company was going to recruit they had no need to drag us in †ђξ middle of MUSHIN to do it.

I held my reservations and followed due process, wrote my name and contact number (Another suspicious act) I walked in as directed by †ђξ gate man in shirt and trouser with very dirty shoes.

As I climbed †ђξ staircase, I told myself to calm down and have an open mind. I met with a man of about age 45-50 chewing gum like his life depended on it. I almost turned back down †ђξ stairs.

Then I entered a hall (which was obviously being used as a church) with about 100 or more people sitting.

†ђξ people around me started gisting after a while and some said they saw †ђξ AD in a church bulletin and I had to look at it as it was obvious †ђξ church was in on †ђξ scam too. It was ‘St Timothy’s Catholic Church Ojodu-Ikeja’

Then we started seeing some funny characters walk in and sit obviously for †ђξ same interview. From an “Aboki” with slippers, to a girl of about secondary school age dressed like she was walking down her street.
Then a lady with her baby came in and †ђξ ‘chewing gum’ baba dint allow her sit away from †ђξ fan because of her baby, then a man of about 40years of age with a Niger-Delta Hat.

At this point †ђξ girl beside me who has thought it was a proper interview and “kaked up” to †ђξ teeth. In high heels and blings removed them and wore her flat sleepers saying “this is a terrible insult on her person †ђά̲̣̥† she was going to leave at 9:15”.

We sat for a while and another shocker was dropped. Some people went to ask when they would start and one bouncer looking guy came out to view the crowd while †ђξ ‘chewing gum baba’, Still at his teeth crunching best was acting like he was †ђξ boss. He said †ђξ person to speak wasn’t available yet.

Then a man and woman of about 60 or close walked into †ђξ place in Suit and shoes.
I became SAD. Saddened at †ђξ state of Nigeria as a country. They had dragged peoples Grandparents to a Scamming event.

Another lady said she had seen †ђξ men before at one of such scamming things and since she was there only wanted to hear what they wanted to tell us this time around.

At this point, I and those I sat with (three ladies and a married man) stood up and walked out.
Before †ђά̲̣̥† †ђξ man was going to call †ђξ police to come arrest them or a radio station and told them as we were leaving.
He ended up calling but †ђξ on-air-personality had just left work. So I d☺n’t know what became of †ђά̲̣̥† action but…..

I promised to use my power of WRITING to show my displeasure and make it public and I won’t stop writing and sharing this kind of information.

Thank you for reading 😀


10 comments on “Job interview/ Test? I Wish…

  1. What can I say, I am also a guilty accomplice in this malice called job scam. See, a certain company (name withheld) uses my company’s SMS platform and I send the SMS for this said company.

    Luckily, I do not get their invites, SMS. Got it just once – last year. At any rate, if and when you do get a mysterious SMS for a job interview, do yourself a favour, query whether you applied or not. I know that as desperate job seekers we HOPE that the SMS was GOD’s answer to all those prayers we’ve said. Still, query.

    Then call. There’s always a number, call, don’t be cheap, it’ll save you a lot of cash later. If there’s no number, mail or visit the company’s website. Where they have none, most times…

    Kpele though, and please it’s neither cool nor arty to tell us you were menstruating prior to an interview. I rest my case…

    • Haa imagine †ђά̲̣̥†?! You’re so bad oh. So you’re one of those I’m looking to arrest sef. Also I do my research on †ђξ companies first. I just didn’t call this one oh.

      Besides did I write †ђξ Whole MEN****** thingy. Smh for you oh. So can’t it be something else. Wahala

  2. I tell people to just copy the text messages they get and paste them on google. Except its the newest scam in town, you will be spared the embarrassment. Its a sad sad situation.

    Nice one though.

  3. Lol. Its sad that the economy has brought about this kind of scenarios and situations, where people now take advantage of jobseekers. May the Lord help us all.

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