45year Jail Term….. Justice?

We heard †ђξ story

We read †ђξ news,

All for a device,

†ђξ man be locked away.

45years of his life,

For a crime so BIG.


We hear of thieves,

Who steal and kill,

In †ђξ light of day,

In †ђξ dark of Night.


From whence they came;

Some we know,

Others Not.

Some in †ђξ Government,

Harming †ђξ masses in bread day light.


†ђξ government at large,

Corrupt to a fault,

Dirty, inside and out.

Steal, kill and Destroy.

Politics a dirty game.




Little we are,

†ђξ masses.


Hungry, †hey beg,

Hungry, they Hunt,

Hungry, they also steal,

†ђξ Bread crumbs of †ђξ Rich.


†ђξ Rich eat to their fill,

But care not what †ђξ poor have to feed.


For soon enough,

There would be Naught to Eat,

But †ђξ Rich Alone.

And then will there be Justice,

†ђά̲̣̥† †ђξ Masses seek.


This is what I’ve been inspired to write after hearing of †ђξ thief who stole Aregbesola’s (Palasa) Phone.


Not up to amounts spent on a daily basis on recharge cards and food.


When we all heard a man was caught stealing a Particular Governors Phone, we all felt OK, †ђξ system will give some punishment to †ђξ hungry man who went too far.


But then, we heard †ђξ outrageous verdict.

A slap to our noble faces.

A twist in †ђξ Nigerian Judiciary and its system of justice.


What then have we heard of †ђξ Numerous cases of embezzlement in †ђξ Osun state Government? And other government houses?


To those who carry †ђξ “Ghana must go” bags out of their offices every day?

How many years imprisonment has been given to them?


For if they get less †ђά̲̣̥† a 100years to life imprisonment then †ђξ man who stole a phone should be released.



But hence, I hold not a position to bend †ђξ arms of †ђξ so called Judges.

But write I shall and I have.


Thus, I leave them to Karma and †ђξ Highest Judge who knows best!


2 comments on “45year Jail Term….. Justice?

  1. This news is quite odd, depressingly sad and leaves a most sour taste in my mouth. The action taken by the Judge who sentences this man, clearly highlights the double standard of the Nigerian judicial system, which most times, ian arena where chicanery methods are expressed in a no less significant manner.

  2. Nice poetry , we run an unfair justice system here. And until proper punishments are meted out a revolt or jerry Rawlings approach we will still continually witness an unfair judicial system ridden with corruption.

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