In HIS name!!

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In the name of God/Allah/Yahweh/Jah/Jehovah

So many things have been done in His name, but as the Yorubas would say it’s the yam that one is eating that will get one’s palm soiled with red oil. The story of the Nigerian captured terrorist really saddens me, that fine Oloribu pink lipped assassin no fit be Nigerian. Imagine a country of over 150 million people being rubbished all because of one misguided rich boy, who as I heard grew up in Jand!!! It is an unspoken rule in Naija not to commit suicide, as we take dey suffer reach with our epileptic electricity, good roads, missing/ailing president and stark naked poverty, we still dey hope and pray to hit it big one day, so we tend to avoid all sorts of things that ’d bring an abrupt end to our lives, despite all the suffering, we still stand tall refusing to…

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