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DIY Fly Trap – put an end to nasty pests – FREE

If you really dislike FLIES like I do. Then this remedy is for you

Sunny Sleevez


We spend a lot of time outside & one of our big challenges with outdoor living are a huge quantity disgusting flies!

In the past I’ve bought traps and bait (that smelled foul) & they have been really helpful.

However I have found a great DIY solution to keep the population down and best of all you can make this fly trap yourself from used plastic bottles which appeals muchly to my reusing ethos and also makes it FREE!

Here is a method to make an efficient fly trap from one of your used plastic water bottles.

This is great for all sorts of domestic flies, blow flies and fruit flies

Materials: scissors, a hacksaw or sharp knife and some packing or electric tapediy fly trap before

BAIT- a small chunk of meat chopped into the water will attract blowflies or a small amount of cat/dog poo with a little water. This will cook…

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My runaway Plantain

Have you ever had your big ripe juicy Plantain almost escape from you? And had to travel kilometers in harsh conditions to retrieve it?

Well yeah! That’s what happened to me today!

On my way home from work, feeling all smug at †ђξ fact †ђά̲̣̥† I was leaving work early on a friday I hurried on and even †ђξ bad patches of road and bad napep driver couldn’t dampen my spirits.

About 30minutes from home, at a major bustop I decided to buy a whole N400 (Four hundred Naira) and since I didn’t want to take a bike to reduce †ђξ journey to 10minutes just because I wanted to complete my Dan Brown’s “†ђξ Lost Symbol” a very lovely novel by †ђξ way.

So I settled down on my seat, in front of †ђξ bus, put my plantain on †ђξ dashboard and entered into Dan Brown’s world. On getting to †ђξ bustop, a kind gentleman held †ђξ ðoor open for me and I waltzed majestically out and went to take another bus home.

A few minutes from my bustop, I called my mum to find out if she was home and she said “I’m on my way dear. Please can you buy PLANTAIN??”. I just screamed “YEPA!! Driver Stop let me come down”
Running across †ђξ road, I flagged another bus down. Jumped into it while hissing continuously “shit! ♓☺w did I forget this plantain! Gosh!!”

Finally I got to †ђξ first bustop and started to sk for †ђξ bis driver and his vehicle. Lo and behold, he had gone back to †ђξ main bustop. I nearly cried as I was going to have to spend more money to retrieve my juicy plantain.

So I hopped on a motorcycle and rode it back to catch up with †ђξ driver. On getting there I saw many divers sitted while one was staring at me. I began to ask them for †ђξ buses †ђά̲̣̥† had just returned while one of them asked if I could recognize †ђξ bus or driver.

And guess what??? To my utmost Shock there was †ђξ driver, †ђξ same man asking me questions. He had obviously recognized me and didn’t want to give up my juicy plantain.

My expression changed to anger “Oga it is you. Na wah oh, I came down from †ђξ bus beside you and you didn’t even remind me †ђά̲̣̥† I forgot something.” Mtchew I hissed. “Oya give me my property”
Not wanting to be embarrassed, he quickly began †ђξ walk to his bus and guess what again???
Another shocker, this THEIF had actually shoved my plantain inside his boot and was struggling to bring it out of where he had hidden it.
†ђξ motorcycle rider who had taken me there too was also as surprised as myself.

Trying to do some bragado, saying “talo fe plantain four hundred naira yin” meaning who wants your plantain.

Feeling very tired already, just told him he is a very big thief and hopped on †ђξ bike back. Not wanting to make †ђξ same mistake again.

But all in all, it was worth †ђξ stress and I’m not yet done eating my plantain 😀 and its really juicy 😀

Ageing Society

The ageing society!

Oh old and greying world.

Aged from the toils of her lands.

She has seen centuries and decades,

The ups and downs of her peoples.


Standing tall admist her scars,

she bears them for all to see.

But her people she carries their pain,

care not for the harm they have caused.


Oh ageing society!

where has they mother gone wrong?

She provided your every need,

Given you every toy you want,

But what hast thou done with these gifts??

Only hurt thy World some more.


Oh ageing Society,

Sooner than later,

The time will come when,

The mother must bite her own child,

Even if to show a little discipline.

For time has been far spent,

Doing more wrongs than right.


The time has come,

That death can be smelt.

Only the ageing society remains.

Death does come.