Give them the Pen and Not Your Penis

†ђξ affairs of †ђξ state and Lack of a Budget in †ђξ second Half of †ђξ year seems not to be a pressing issue as †ђξ only issue left for †ђξ Almighty senate to deliberate upon is little girls

To this is say you shameless Pedophiles:

Give them †ђξ Pen and Not your Penis, you Old and haggard Men.
Who have got nothing else to bother your mind except †ђξ Vagina of little girls.

Empower them and Educate them Not impregnate them.

They d☺n’t want or need your Ejaculation or Semen.
They need to understand their Biology first.

They d☺n’t need to be tied down to your stinky breath and sagging Balls,
They need your discipline.

They d☺n’t want your big ceremonies or marriage,
They’re yet to understand themselves.

They d☺n’t want your bed,
They need your support.

There seems to be a few set of mentally twisted MEN, people like Senator Yerima †ђξ Cradle Robber who believe they have †ђξ right to take “babies” from their cribs aka #CradleSnatching to fulfill their urges caring not for †ђξ ones they are hurting.

People like these who believe †ђξ Vagina of 9-18yeard olds are to be deliberated upon in †ђξ senate.

Ever heard these kind of people speak??
You would be horrified at what comes out of their mouths with †ђξ utter disregard for †ђξ WOMAN, FEMALES not to talk of little girls and ♓☺w they Enjoy abusing them.


Every woman, should stand up for their right before it is snatched from them by †ђξ likes of senator Yerima

These brutes and child molesters have gotten away with giving children VVF and Urinary diseases from their opening their Vaginal barricades too early giving this children no childhood or time to Mature.

A visit to †ђξ Northern states gave me a little view of this as I saw children of about 13years of age who are already wives with some who have “merciful miscarriages” or carrying their unborn children to term would surely have given rise to their death or stillborns or imbeciles.

Its unfortunate †ђά̲̣̥† these “UNFORTUNATE”, EDUCATED few have decided to test our mental stability comparing to theirs by suggesting we accept their trash and take as Normal.

We should NOT condone such rubbish and if THEY(these twisted, Pedophiles) want to use their children as slaves, whom most of which are abroad studying and getting †ђξ Best education as child brides, they are welcome to do so.
But should not take †ђξ rest of †ђξ populace as fools.

This appears to me like a form of ‘Modeled Feminine Advanced Slavery’.

I just read that Ghana with a population of 25-26 million wants to raise the legal marriageable age of women from 18 to 23 in order to get them ready mentally, physically and psychologically for motherhood so as to reduce high rate of maternal mortality!

But 3 countries away to the East of Ghana(Nigeria), the BIG clueless buffoon with over 170 million people wants to reduce hers from 18 to 9 just to satisfy the PAEDOPHILIA CRAVINGS of some morally corrupt, mentally deranged, shameless, conscience-less and hell-bound few!


I am @EstherMatthew and I support the #ChildNOTBride cause.
Ikeolu(Woman of influence) supports Too!
Temmie Bakes supports #ChildNotBride cause.
Sweettooth patisserie supports#Child-Not-Bride cause

Scorpitosin (IT person, business owner) suPports #childnotbride
Abiola supports #childnotbride
Apar Technologies & Solutions supports #Childnotbride
Dr Love supports #childnotbride
Princess zizi okagbue supports #childnotbride.

We should not stop at petitioning but ACTION is necessary


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