Ageing Society

The ageing society!

Oh old and greying world.

Aged from the toils of her lands.

She has seen centuries and decades,

The ups and downs of her peoples.


Standing tall admist her scars,

she bears them for all to see.

But her people she carries their pain,

care not for the harm they have caused.


Oh ageing society!

where has they mother gone wrong?

She provided your every need,

Given you every toy you want,

But what hast thou done with these gifts??

Only hurt thy World some more.


Oh ageing Society,

Sooner than later,

The time will come when,

The mother must bite her own child,

Even if to show a little discipline.

For time has been far spent,

Doing more wrongs than right.


The time has come,

That death can be smelt.

Only the ageing society remains.

Death does come.


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