Money Game #10

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Babajide Martins was a self made man. His grass to grace story was one he guarded jealously, he would neither have his name printed, nor his wealth reviewed. Yet, easily, he would make the forbes list if he decided to make his wealth public. He thanked God daily for inept reportage in the country. One of the reasons he stayed on in Nigeria, all members of his family had been shipped abroad at his behest. Still, he refused to join them, live the good life… or so they thought.

Wealth had happened on him when he least expected it. He grew up in the Mafoluku area of Oshodi wishing he was as rich as the people tagged 419ers, their houses and cars wowed him. Jide dreamt daily of living the good life. Then luck smiled on him, and his life changed. In his second year at the University, he stumbled…

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Nurses #3

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Korede was assigned to man the nurses station for the day. She was not allowed to leave the front desk no matter what, except during emergencies. She had missed the excitement earlier in the day, all that commotion upstairs and she couldn’t view the event by herself. She was stewing at her post.

She was angered that everyone had seen the perfect nurse, Feyi, slump due to her tardiness on the job, but she hadn’t. She could not leave the desk, no matter what. That rule was both a curse and blessing. Most days, it was a blessing, when she didn’t feel like lifting a finger. That day, it had been a curse to her. She had missed all the excitement, and she did not appreciate it.

For someone big on gossip, Korede had been denied the full gist. The hospital had become a mad house of sorts and even…

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Money Game #8

Life is short, live it well. It waits for no man

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Time they say flies when you’re having fun. It develops wings and takes to the air without recourse to any other person. It insulates you in an embryonic world where only you exist and all others cease. Time then, becomes a rush, and all you can do is go with the tide. For the currents are too strong for you to swim in. Time becomes the master and unwittingly, you become the slave.

Justin never knew this, but after his third fight with Ugochi about spending time with her, with them, he started making concerted efforts to change and start functioning in his private life as well as he did with his official. It wasn’t easy, but he tried.

After six months in marketing, he got promoted. His superiors couldn’t deny that he was an asset, and his market share rivaled that of his departmental head. How he did it…

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Nurses #1

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He blinked slowly, struggling to open his eyes. His fingers twitched and all he could see were blurred visions, scattered light. He closed his eyes, and waited a few seconds, then bam! He opened them with determined force. It was a mistake he realised afterwards.

His brain had told him to close the eyes and reopen them. The message it never sent had to do with the speed of opening, he rushed the exercise and felt a stinging knock course through his body. A tear dropped from his right eye and he closed his eyes, as the pain ravaged his body. It passed after a minute, undettered though, he prepared his mind, ready to try again.

He had woken, no doubt. His brain was active save for a huge thumping on his head, he reckoned he was fine. Slowly, he opened his eyes again and the light rushed in. He…

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