Money Game #10

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Babajide Martins was a self made man. His grass to grace story was one he guarded jealously, he would neither have his name printed, nor his wealth reviewed. Yet, easily, he would make the forbes list if he decided to make his wealth public. He thanked God daily for inept reportage in the country. One of the reasons he stayed on in Nigeria, all members of his family had been shipped abroad at his behest. Still, he refused to join them, live the good life… or so they thought.

Wealth had happened on him when he least expected it. He grew up in the Mafoluku area of Oshodi wishing he was as rich as the people tagged 419ers, their houses and cars wowed him. Jide dreamt daily of living the good life. Then luck smiled on him, and his life changed. In his second year at the University, he stumbled…

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