Money Game #8

Life is short, live it well. It waits for no man

Derin's Blog

Time they say flies when you’re having fun. It develops wings and takes to the air without recourse to any other person. It insulates you in an embryonic world where only you exist and all others cease. Time then, becomes a rush, and all you can do is go with the tide. For the currents are too strong for you to swim in. Time becomes the master and unwittingly, you become the slave.

Justin never knew this, but after his third fight with Ugochi about spending time with her, with them, he started making concerted efforts to change and start functioning in his private life as well as he did with his official. It wasn’t easy, but he tried.

After six months in marketing, he got promoted. His superiors couldn’t deny that he was an asset, and his market share rivaled that of his departmental head. How he did it…

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