Nurses #1

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He blinked slowly, struggling to open his eyes. His fingers twitched and all he could see were blurred visions, scattered light. He closed his eyes, and waited a few seconds, then bam! He opened them with determined force. It was a mistake he realised afterwards.

His brain had told him to close the eyes and reopen them. The message it never sent had to do with the speed of opening, he rushed the exercise and felt a stinging knock course through his body. A tear dropped from his right eye and he closed his eyes, as the pain ravaged his body. It passed after a minute, undettered though, he prepared his mind, ready to try again.

He had woken, no doubt. His brain was active save for a huge thumping on his head, he reckoned he was fine. Slowly, he opened his eyes again and the light rushed in. He…

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