Nurses #3

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Korede was assigned to man the nurses station for the day. She was not allowed to leave the front desk no matter what, except during emergencies. She had missed the excitement earlier in the day, all that commotion upstairs and she couldn’t view the event by herself. She was stewing at her post.

She was angered that everyone had seen the perfect nurse, Feyi, slump due to her tardiness on the job, but she hadn’t. She could not leave the desk, no matter what. That rule was both a curse and blessing. Most days, it was a blessing, when she didn’t feel like lifting a finger. That day, it had been a curse to her. She had missed all the excitement, and she did not appreciate it.

For someone big on gossip, Korede had been denied the full gist. The hospital had become a mad house of sorts and even…

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