Why do we fall?

Liffe and its many challenges

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Kamila’s Tale

It was warm and cozy. The fan blew with its rhythmic sound, whose lulling effect encouraged sleep. The duvet was always better early in the mornings. The showers of rain had subsided. She snuggled into her teddybear more.

Waking up at such a time was Like a bad joke, but then she heard her name.
Someone was shouting. The voice was causing a bang in her head. She tried to shake it off.
She heard another sound, the screeching of her alarm.

Stretching her hands to put it off with eyes very closed. She had learned to put it at the reach of her arms where she can fling it when she was in a bad mood or put it off when she felt nicer.
Today she couldn’t reach it “what!!” She mumbled under her breath Stretching them further,

Her mum shouting “Kamila!! Kamila!!” from the doorway. “You won’t wake up ehn? You too like sleep!” She hissed

Someone was shaking her.
“What is it again?” Opening her eyes and was about to speak angrily, she saw her sister.

“Sister K, you have over slept oh!”
“Shit! Shit! Shiiitt” She jumped out of bed, pushing her sister out of the way.
She Looked at the clock. “Oh my gosh! Not again!” She groaned.

She always had a problem waking up on Wednesdays. There was just something awful about going to work early in the middle of †ђξ work week. Tiredness seemed to be a wednesday tonic with no cure yet.

She thanked her sister, ran to th bathroom and hurriedly packed her hair into th shower cap, turning the shower on at full blast.
She had no time to sing or even think this morning. It was already 6:30am by †ђξ bathroom clock and th normal time to leave for work was before five thirty am to bypass the daily traffic.

She hurried out of †ђξ bathroom hissing at no one and started to get dressed. Her mother walked in.

“Kamila, wetin happen to you this morning ehn. If you don marry now shey na for this kind time you go dey baff your pikin wey you wan carry go school? Your husband go talk make you siddon for house, and ….. ….” Her mother was apt to speaking in pidgin english, Due to no fault of hers she couldn’t complete her schooling in †ђξ village.

There was no money when she was growing up thus her early marriage but always made it a reminder to Kamila every morning of her marriage-less state and sacrifices she had made for them. Her mother was still speaking but Kamila had long learned to block †ђξ voice out

Kamila continued to dress up, humming mentally “good morning mum” she always spoke in impeccable english to her mother when she was annoyed.

Hurriedly she sprayed her ‘Seduction’ perfume by Christian Dior, packed her makeup and bags, walked out of †ђξ house and headed for her car.

“No time to wash you this morning babe” she tapped the bonnet of her dark green Hyundai Avalon.

“Jane! Jaaaaanee! Better come out now before I leave you behind”

“Sister, I’m coming” her sister was dressed in her well ironed school uniform, carrying her school and food bags running to †ђξ car. She dropped †ђξ bags in †ђξ car.

“Sis, this is your food” as she ran to open †ђξ gate.

“Oya get in” she entered †ђξ car, put on †ђξ engine, put a little foundation on her face, did her brows, put eye shadow and lip gloss while †ђξ engine got warm and her sister watched in admiration smiling.

Climbing thLadder

Climbing the Ladder.

The ladder be,
Long and sturdy.
The climber sees,
The start of the unending.

The look distressing,
The work looks depressing.
Effort consuming,
Tiring to do.

The ladder of Life,
The ladder of Hope.
The longed for distance
We all hope to reach.

For hard as it may seem,
There be others before you,
Looking up to them,

Hope you should get.
For looking down the ladder,
You see those behind you.
Progress you have made.

And upon your trials,
Upon your tribulations,
Do you see,
The longed for hope,
Of the Ladder of Life.

The Arms outstretched
The distant spark,
Waiting just for you.

Upon reaching the next rank,
Everything be alright,
Be convinced, only when you TRY.

Xoxo…………….. Scorptastic

Thief in the Night… Diamonds

Like a thief in the night,
You stole my heart.

Like the best archer in the world,
You met with your target.

Oh Cupid’s archer,
The best of them all.
You pierced my heart.

Our love is like magic,
You broke the ice.
Of many storeys high.

White and hard,
Like the best of diamonds.

But love so pure,
It glows pure from your soul.

Life deals us rocks,
You turned mine to diamonds.

The love and Magic,
Like all things good,
Need to be oiled
For continuous warmth.

Happiness is progressive
Success is progressive,
And so is love
When treated right

Love, like a flower,
Is beautiful and blossoms,
with dedicated attention.

Xoxo_…….. Scorptastic