Climbing thLadder

Climbing the Ladder.

The ladder be,
Long and sturdy.
The climber sees,
The start of the unending.

The look distressing,
The work looks depressing.
Effort consuming,
Tiring to do.

The ladder of Life,
The ladder of Hope.
The longed for distance
We all hope to reach.

For hard as it may seem,
There be others before you,
Looking up to them,

Hope you should get.
For looking down the ladder,
You see those behind you.
Progress you have made.

And upon your trials,
Upon your tribulations,
Do you see,
The longed for hope,
Of the Ladder of Life.

The Arms outstretched
The distant spark,
Waiting just for you.

Upon reaching the next rank,
Everything be alright,
Be convinced, only when you TRY.

Xoxo…………….. Scorptastic


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