Thief in the Night… Diamonds

Like a thief in the night,
You stole my heart.

Like the best archer in the world,
You met with your target.

Oh Cupid’s archer,
The best of them all.
You pierced my heart.

Our love is like magic,
You broke the ice.
Of many storeys high.

White and hard,
Like the best of diamonds.

But love so pure,
It glows pure from your soul.

Life deals us rocks,
You turned mine to diamonds.

The love and Magic,
Like all things good,
Need to be oiled
For continuous warmth.

Happiness is progressive
Success is progressive,
And so is love
When treated right

Love, like a flower,
Is beautiful and blossoms,
with dedicated attention.

Xoxo_…….. Scorptastic


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