Valentines Day ….. headless chickens

This picture says uhmm.
The madness associated with it all …….

So its a day to the very anticipated valentine and some people (lots actually) are running around like headless chickens.

Yes, I just said that, sue me. Its not that people shouldn’t show love but, like @chazb_lifeissues said “show love just because”

It doesn’t have to be your “boyfriend” or “girlfriend” just show love.

How did I remember valentine was in days….. Guess what?? I had to go shopping for essentials and I saw ONE shop looking ‘bloody Red’ yup, with dangling hearts and Red ‘everything’ I embarrassed myself by standing infront of the shop, staring with my mouth WIDE OPEN.

I had to report myself to my sister and a bunch of others that evening and then another story began of what to ……… Dont ask *grins*

Yes, I confess to that crime. I guess the shock was the color and realizing Valentine was in days.
I remember when I was in school and some of us would sit and count the ‘headless chickens’ (people delivering gifts or congratulating the gifted) running past.

Well its another valentines day in less than 24hours so I wish you a love-full day.

Some will get shot by cupids arrow, goodluck 😛
For those who will get proposed to, congratulations.
Those who will get cars, ehrrm send me one *winks*.
Those getting teddy bears, I need a big one on my bed,
Oh and the best part, Chocolates hmm yum yum.

I can imagine @derinonline rolling his eyes to all this, LMAO.
Have fun everyone and love yourself first, but dont be vain

Oh and PS: visit some motherless babies homes or SOS Villages, give someone something you see they need not because they owe you, just “BECAUSE”

…….. And order cakes, gifts and more from Heavens Cakes 😀


……. here comes the brideZILLA

Ever been met by this kind of BRIDEzilla??

Yeah we all have.
That bride †ђά̲̣̥† just wouldn’t smile, with eyes following †ђξ new hubby about †ђξ place on †ђξ wedding day.
Tell me dear, what happens after †ђξ wedding??
Will you follow him to his office,
Will you follow him on official Trips.

Learn to Trust yourself,
Then you can trust him too.

Unsmiling, quarrelsome looking.
Now †ђά̲̣̥† brings me to ask, what was †ђξ attraction anyway?? *confused*
A week after †ђξ wedding its a battlefield.
Whose fault would †ђά̲̣̥† be? Mine (who came to eat and merry) at their wedding? *call me wobia I d☺n’t mind*

Why get married if your not in L☺ve
So would say if its not “shaking” you.
Babe, did you get him hooked to you ‘cos you’re with child?

After †ђξ child is born he will be gone from you.
Besides nowadays ‘sharp guys’ will take care of their responsibility to †ђξ baby without marrying you. *just saying*

Then planning †ђξ ultimate disaster of a wedding. *just saying* it could be small and a lifetime wonderful experience.
Where everyone has fun, remembers †ђξ event after a long time and…….
You get to smile no matter what.
That’s †ђξ spirit.

The new trend of “I MUST MARRY BY FORCE” is getting out of hand with even †ђξ 20year olds complaining.
My dear girl what should your 30’s and clocking 40’s aunties do??
Relax, your time is coming.
D☺n’t be in a rush to make †ђξ plunge.
Before you shake your head after one year and say “its over, I made a mistake”…..Divorce (that’s when you’re not even clouded by Mr. PASTOR saying “its not allowed” stay there and Rot or Rise)

“The Lord’s time is †ђξ best” quote doesn’t seem to work anymore.
From what I see, young guys too seem not to want †ђξ be alone too.
Hence we “all fall in”

As for †ђξ picture attached:
Uhm please d☺n’t let †ђά̲̣̥† be you.
Learn to smile, most especially on your wedding day.
There is a lot to be happy about *grins*
Afterall you just spend thousands on your wedding dress, bridal train.
Millions on your wedding “of your dreams” or should †ђά̲̣̥† be “in your dreams”

Uhm, †ђξ happiness lies in †ђξ one who is patient enough to wait for Quality.
“Patient dog eats †ђξ fattest bone”
Oh boy!! †ђά̲̣̥† doesn’t seem to work again rig?? :O
Oya be †ђξ next BRIDEZILLA and send me your pretty picture and details, so I can write about you.

Toodles 😀
Xoxoxoxoxoxoxox scorptastic………..

Education and the Road to Nowhere

Today, our government has decided to Work.
The task set by others before him,
The state of Ogun,
Omo Ogun, “ise ma ya o eeh”
The son of the Land prepared for work?
Or is he?

The Government has taken upon it, the task of repairing the roads in Ogun State.
Halleluja!! We all(those who knew they would not be affected) rejoiced.
Anticipation grew, excitement, joy and sadness.
Those who had constructed houses oh roads, with the thought that the government would never restructure things in their lifetime.
The markings were done and the DEMOLITION began.

In all my excitemet, I wondered how it would all look when the construction was finished.
Everywhre filled with dust, an increased number of bumps and ditches,
We hooe for the best.

As I drove past Akute, Ojodu today, complaining about the  dust and  all,
I realised that in all this, how fortunate I have been.
Those with property’s demolished, people who earned thier means of livelihood there,
all in all the reconstruction is for the best.

The reason for this writeup,  the picture above.
The state of Education in this great country has deprecated greatly,
A country that allows its children get “educated ” in the RAIN and in the sun,
Forgive them zs they are not ready to answer the clarion call (NYSC) yet.

They, these children, are still in High school,  channeling the path of their lives,
Yet treated like they are nothing, educated In harsh conditions.

Would you allow YOUR child get an education HERE????
As this is necessary in the analysis of the subject matter;
These children , havi g no choice but to continue to lean,

Omo Ogun, your chilren  are weeping,
They cry for their future,
They cry for the unknown.


These are the faces of the future,
This is the molding state,
Children should be in classes and not on tbe roadside.

Reconstruction is key,
Education is essential,
Children are the future


This is a suggestion tbat the government should consider thats these children need a proper housing for their classrooms and school, which ks not safe at the bus top with lots of street urchins within reach and touts at every corner of the school’s property.

Kamila’s Tale2

They drove from their house in Shomolu to Queens college, Yaba. “Jane do you have lunch money” she asked

“Sis K, I took lunch. But you can give me two hundred in case you d☺n’t come back early so I can get home”

She smiled, Her sister was always very considerate unlike their brother and mother. She took †ђξ fact †ђά̲̣̥† her sister was catering for herself, brother in university and mother, since their father died and relatives took their property and pushed them out in †ђξ cold seriously.

She brought out five hundred Naira from her wallet. “Do not spend it all, OK?, bye sweetheart” and blew her a kiss. Jane blushed and blew it back while her school mates grinned as she joined them.

She sped up and climbed †ђξ third mainland, heading to †ђξ island and BAM! Traffic. “Gosh! Why today oh!” She checked her watch, it was 7:40am.
Mentally, she told herself “you cannot fly. Relax and Breathe” but stepped on †ђξ gas, maintaining 100 to 120 Km/h.

She turned on †ђξ radio and increased †ђξ volume. It was Cool FM and her favorite Rapper’s song was on. It was MI with “My belle Oh”
She began bobbing her head and rapping along with body gestures and hands, not minding †ђξ curious stares form car drivers passing by.

A male driver came too close to her and overtook from †ђξ left, she swung †ђξ steering to †ђξ right and Gbosa! She hit †ђξ Range Rover Sport on her right.

“YEPA! I don die this morning” holding her head while †ђξ driver who caused †ђξ problem sped off.

In shock, she just sat there waiting for †ђξ ground to open up and swallow her. “How on earth am I to afford repairs on this Mans car. Chai Range Sport for †ђά̲̣̥† matter”

†ђξ driver came out “madam wetin dey worry you? You no see road? All these women drivers sef. I sure say na your Aristo carry car give you”

Kamila opened her mouth, first in shock, then to give him a lashing “Idiot, did you not see †ђξ other man †ђά̲̣̥† caused this accident? Which aristo bought †ђξ car for me?” She hissed.

She pushed †ђξ door and got out to examine †ђξ damage telling herself “you can escape this, just put you street skills into play” moving closer to †ђξ man than †ђξ affected vehicle.

“Madam, I don’t want to hear story oh. You will repair this one. I cannot allow my oga to sack me”

The little traffic magically had disappeared, Cars were avoiding them to overtake and go their way, onlookers were shaking their heads at them, her head was spinning. †ђξ “evil wednesday” tonic was in full swing.

She had dented her front of her car, while scratching †ђξ paint on †ђξ side of †ђξ Range. It wasn’t much but it would cost some money which to her wasn’t going to be fun, she had bills.

Her phone was ringing incessantly, angrily she stepped away from †ђξ driver assessing †ђξ damage to pick †ђξ call. It was her boss, she said “shit!!” Then sighed “hello sir”

“What excuse will it be today” †ђξ man said sharply.

“I’ve been in an accident sir or I would have been in †ђξ office already. I’m very sorry sir” trying to sound sober.

“You had better get yourself to this office before 9am or your FIRED!! You hear me? FIRED! This is †ђξ beginning of a new month”

“Sir but I have… ……”

“Do not interrupt me, young lady. I may be new in this branch, and you may have a reputation of being great at this job BUT do not tempt me”

“Sir…..” She was talking to herself. He had disconnected †ђξ call.

She felt fingers tapping her shoulder. About to insult †ђξ stupid driver, †ђξ eyes †ђά̲̣̥† met hers were hazel colored. He was tall, he smelt like heaven with his ‘Black by Polo’ Cologne.

Kamila opened her eyes wide at †ђξ handsomeness of his person. Feeling instantly dizzy she fell sideways and his wide hands caught her.