Kamila’s Tale2

They drove from their house in Shomolu to Queens college, Yaba. “Jane do you have lunch money” she asked

“Sis K, I took lunch. But you can give me two hundred in case you d☺n’t come back early so I can get home”

She smiled, Her sister was always very considerate unlike their brother and mother. She took †ђξ fact †ђά̲̣̥† her sister was catering for herself, brother in university and mother, since their father died and relatives took their property and pushed them out in †ђξ cold seriously.

She brought out five hundred Naira from her wallet. “Do not spend it all, OK?, bye sweetheart” and blew her a kiss. Jane blushed and blew it back while her school mates grinned as she joined them.

She sped up and climbed †ђξ third mainland, heading to †ђξ island and BAM! Traffic. “Gosh! Why today oh!” She checked her watch, it was 7:40am.
Mentally, she told herself “you cannot fly. Relax and Breathe” but stepped on †ђξ gas, maintaining 100 to 120 Km/h.

She turned on †ђξ radio and increased †ђξ volume. It was Cool FM and her favorite Rapper’s song was on. It was MI with “My belle Oh”
She began bobbing her head and rapping along with body gestures and hands, not minding †ђξ curious stares form car drivers passing by.

A male driver came too close to her and overtook from †ђξ left, she swung †ђξ steering to †ђξ right and Gbosa! She hit †ђξ Range Rover Sport on her right.

“YEPA! I don die this morning” holding her head while †ђξ driver who caused †ђξ problem sped off.

In shock, she just sat there waiting for †ђξ ground to open up and swallow her. “How on earth am I to afford repairs on this Mans car. Chai Range Sport for †ђά̲̣̥† matter”

†ђξ driver came out “madam wetin dey worry you? You no see road? All these women drivers sef. I sure say na your Aristo carry car give you”

Kamila opened her mouth, first in shock, then to give him a lashing “Idiot, did you not see †ђξ other man †ђά̲̣̥† caused this accident? Which aristo bought †ђξ car for me?” She hissed.

She pushed †ђξ door and got out to examine †ђξ damage telling herself “you can escape this, just put you street skills into play” moving closer to †ђξ man than †ђξ affected vehicle.

“Madam, I don’t want to hear story oh. You will repair this one. I cannot allow my oga to sack me”

The little traffic magically had disappeared, Cars were avoiding them to overtake and go their way, onlookers were shaking their heads at them, her head was spinning. †ђξ “evil wednesday” tonic was in full swing.

She had dented her front of her car, while scratching †ђξ paint on †ђξ side of †ђξ Range. It wasn’t much but it would cost some money which to her wasn’t going to be fun, she had bills.

Her phone was ringing incessantly, angrily she stepped away from †ђξ driver assessing †ђξ damage to pick †ђξ call. It was her boss, she said “shit!!” Then sighed “hello sir”

“What excuse will it be today” †ђξ man said sharply.

“I’ve been in an accident sir or I would have been in †ђξ office already. I’m very sorry sir” trying to sound sober.

“You had better get yourself to this office before 9am or your FIRED!! You hear me? FIRED! This is †ђξ beginning of a new month”

“Sir but I have… ……”

“Do not interrupt me, young lady. I may be new in this branch, and you may have a reputation of being great at this job BUT do not tempt me”

“Sir…..” She was talking to herself. He had disconnected †ђξ call.

She felt fingers tapping her shoulder. About to insult †ђξ stupid driver, †ђξ eyes †ђά̲̣̥† met hers were hazel colored. He was tall, he smelt like heaven with his ‘Black by Polo’ Cologne.

Kamila opened her eyes wide at †ђξ handsomeness of his person. Feeling instantly dizzy she fell sideways and his wide hands caught her.


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