Education and the Road to Nowhere

Today, our government has decided to Work.
The task set by others before him,
The state of Ogun,
Omo Ogun, “ise ma ya o eeh”
The son of the Land prepared for work?
Or is he?

The Government has taken upon it, the task of repairing the roads in Ogun State.
Halleluja!! We all(those who knew they would not be affected) rejoiced.
Anticipation grew, excitement, joy and sadness.
Those who had constructed houses oh roads, with the thought that the government would never restructure things in their lifetime.
The markings were done and the DEMOLITION began.

In all my excitemet, I wondered how it would all look when the construction was finished.
Everywhre filled with dust, an increased number of bumps and ditches,
We hooe for the best.

As I drove past Akute, Ojodu today, complaining about the  dust and  all,
I realised that in all this, how fortunate I have been.
Those with property’s demolished, people who earned thier means of livelihood there,
all in all the reconstruction is for the best.

The reason for this writeup,  the picture above.
The state of Education in this great country has deprecated greatly,
A country that allows its children get “educated ” in the RAIN and in the sun,
Forgive them zs they are not ready to answer the clarion call (NYSC) yet.

They, these children, are still in High school,  channeling the path of their lives,
Yet treated like they are nothing, educated In harsh conditions.

Would you allow YOUR child get an education HERE????
As this is necessary in the analysis of the subject matter;
These children , havi g no choice but to continue to lean,

Omo Ogun, your chilren  are weeping,
They cry for their future,
They cry for the unknown.


These are the faces of the future,
This is the molding state,
Children should be in classes and not on tbe roadside.

Reconstruction is key,
Education is essential,
Children are the future


This is a suggestion tbat the government should consider thats these children need a proper housing for their classrooms and school, which ks not safe at the bus top with lots of street urchins within reach and touts at every corner of the school’s property.


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