……. here comes the brideZILLA

Ever been met by this kind of BRIDEzilla??

Yeah we all have.
That bride †ђά̲̣̥† just wouldn’t smile, with eyes following †ђξ new hubby about †ђξ place on †ђξ wedding day.
Tell me dear, what happens after †ђξ wedding??
Will you follow him to his office,
Will you follow him on official Trips.

Learn to Trust yourself,
Then you can trust him too.

Unsmiling, quarrelsome looking.
Now †ђά̲̣̥† brings me to ask, what was †ђξ attraction anyway?? *confused*
A week after †ђξ wedding its a battlefield.
Whose fault would †ђά̲̣̥† be? Mine (who came to eat and merry) at their wedding? *call me wobia I d☺n’t mind*

Why get married if your not in L☺ve
So would say if its not “shaking” you.
Babe, did you get him hooked to you ‘cos you’re with child?

After †ђξ child is born he will be gone from you.
Besides nowadays ‘sharp guys’ will take care of their responsibility to †ђξ baby without marrying you. *just saying*

Then planning †ђξ ultimate disaster of a wedding. *just saying* it could be small and a lifetime wonderful experience.
Where everyone has fun, remembers †ђξ event after a long time and…….
You get to smile no matter what.
That’s †ђξ spirit.

The new trend of “I MUST MARRY BY FORCE” is getting out of hand with even †ђξ 20year olds complaining.
My dear girl what should your 30’s and clocking 40’s aunties do??
Relax, your time is coming.
D☺n’t be in a rush to make †ђξ plunge.
Before you shake your head after one year and say “its over, I made a mistake”…..Divorce (that’s when you’re not even clouded by Mr. PASTOR saying “its not allowed” stay there and Rot or Rise)

“The Lord’s time is †ђξ best” quote doesn’t seem to work anymore.
From what I see, young guys too seem not to want †ђξ be alone too.
Hence we “all fall in”

As for †ђξ picture attached:
Uhm please d☺n’t let †ђά̲̣̥† be you.
Learn to smile, most especially on your wedding day.
There is a lot to be happy about *grins*
Afterall you just spend thousands on your wedding dress, bridal train.
Millions on your wedding “of your dreams” or should †ђά̲̣̥† be “in your dreams”

Uhm, †ђξ happiness lies in †ђξ one who is patient enough to wait for Quality.
“Patient dog eats †ђξ fattest bone”
Oh boy!! †ђά̲̣̥† doesn’t seem to work again rig?? :O
Oya be †ђξ next BRIDEZILLA and send me your pretty picture and details, so I can write about you.

Toodles 😀
Xoxoxoxoxoxoxox scorptastic………..


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