Valentines Day ….. headless chickens

This picture says uhmm.
The madness associated with it all …….

So its a day to the very anticipated valentine and some people (lots actually) are running around like headless chickens.

Yes, I just said that, sue me. Its not that people shouldn’t show love but, like @chazb_lifeissues said “show love just because”

It doesn’t have to be your “boyfriend” or “girlfriend” just show love.

How did I remember valentine was in days….. Guess what?? I had to go shopping for essentials and I saw ONE shop looking ‘bloody Red’ yup, with dangling hearts and Red ‘everything’ I embarrassed myself by standing infront of the shop, staring with my mouth WIDE OPEN.

I had to report myself to my sister and a bunch of others that evening and then another story began of what to ……… Dont ask *grins*

Yes, I confess to that crime. I guess the shock was the color and realizing Valentine was in days.
I remember when I was in school and some of us would sit and count the ‘headless chickens’ (people delivering gifts or congratulating the gifted) running past.

Well its another valentines day in less than 24hours so I wish you a love-full day.

Some will get shot by cupids arrow, goodluck 😛
For those who will get proposed to, congratulations.
Those who will get cars, ehrrm send me one *winks*.
Those getting teddy bears, I need a big one on my bed,
Oh and the best part, Chocolates hmm yum yum.

I can imagine @derinonline rolling his eyes to all this, LMAO.
Have fun everyone and love yourself first, but dont be vain

Oh and PS: visit some motherless babies homes or SOS Villages, give someone something you see they need not because they owe you, just “BECAUSE”

…….. And order cakes, gifts and more from Heavens Cakes 😀


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