I Give UP!!

    The drum roll of life,
People talk…….  The empty words……… scorptastic

Why can’t love, mean Love?

Why can’t there be a compromise?

She gives up her former life;
Why can’t you give up philandering?

Why must “Love” mean sex?
With many not understanding the words they speak…..

Why can’t we just be together?
No barriers held. Not religion, not ethnicity, nor family!!!

Why must she ask for money all the time?
Do *I* resemble The Central Bank?

Why can’t you Love me the way I am?
Must I become *someone else* to be with you?

Why must he lie, “I have a Prado, work in Oil n Gas” to get your attention?

Why can’t he/she be Satisfied?
With one lover? “Is sex food?” or must *the other* catch so many STI’s before you STOP?

Why can’t we be contented?
… and grow together, upwards as each others support!!

         ” My Love ;;) let’s walk the beach together, sand in our toes and watch the sun go down”

       “Sugar plum, let’s look into each others eyes and need not words to explain.

           “Sweetheart, can I wake up to the smell of *breakfast in bed* Is that too much to ask for? 

       “Baby, it’s been a long day! Can you give me a massage?

Oh Scorptastic!Scorptastic!!!

Wake up and smell the coffee!!!


               Love this beautiful isn’t for the fainthearted, Only the strong can weather this lightening and Storm.


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