Fe Buhari Vs GEJ…. 2015 #ANewDawn

At the mention of the 2015 Nigerian elections, The Giants APC and PDP, stand at attention.

The votes they have to get. The people whom they have to please, now more than ever…..

Welcoming the 2015 Nigerian elections.

Other parties are watching. The war between the two parties.

“Ambooo o ambo,
Eko sese Bere ni o, Amboo ooo,
Gbogbo wa la l’eko o
Ka jo ma je igbadun,
Gbo Gbo wa la l’eko o e.


Ok the song went something like that. Correct me if I’m wrong.

     Oh that was a lovely collaboration of young musicians and rap music (I’m secretly tripping for 2 of them, don’t tell).
It could easily be used as a phone ring tone though.
I dance to that APC Lagos theme song. Its likable and dance-able, and I’m sure many people agree with me.
Does that mean he gets my vote??

Maybe? Maybe not?
Till I get my PVC though.

The youth of today, with or without the government are now empowered by the media and information. Pictures speak volumes. Once a conversation has been told, the whole world knows about it.
A picture taken and shared, cannot be undone, the whole world sees it. The damage would already be done. Ask Wande Cole, ask Princess (who went to GUS), ask Rhianna, Mo Chedda and the rest of those who have had their Nudes shown to the world. Popular or unpopular, it hurt and stung. Their once private information out in the open.


Need I say that Governor Fayose (PDP) is a disgrace to the PDP platform.
This gets me thinking, I wonder who the PDP presidential campaign manager is. The whole team should be fired on the spot.
Hmmmm, “I promise you a breath of #FreshAir”
Haba, with all the things that could be said, why “Fresh Air”
Only the Lord on high can GIVE or take AIROr give it fresh …… And if he did take it we would all be dead. You haven’t given us breathing space not to talk of air. With all the bad news, suicide bombing( not that any country lacks their sorrow) it just seems you’re taking Nigerians on a #SiidSiiddSiiddonLook adventure.

Now, we have all had one headache or the other from the present government. New year increase in petrol prices and all the rest. I guess for campaign purposes you decided to reduce it. But, all Nigerians know the fact that prices have dropped worldwide since last year and the price N87 is still more than we should be paying for petrol. We believe, by calculations petrol should be about N50.
   Need I say that your campaign should have a stronger front if you want the votes of Nigerians. No pretence, give Nigerians #TheKoko, even if you run at a loss(of which we all know there is so much stolen money by your government) things will end up better for Nigerians and you would be allowed another term in office.

Some other things>
* funds for the Nigerian Military being squandered by some greedy old men who cannot even do a 20 mile run. Leaving them with no weapons and sending them on a suicide mission to fight Boko Haram.
  * Why would the insurgents have gained so much power? What has the president been doing while even villagers could subdue this militant group and kill at least 50 of 200 who invaded their village, while the Mighty Nigerian Military could not?
I wonder what explanation you have for that.

* Why is it that the girls who from Chibock have not returned home after about 1year of captivity!



Can you tell me why some of the girls could walk right out of the camp yet the military hasn’t been able to go in?
     If you want our votes at least get these girls out and sensitised before going back home. Instead of them coming out one after the other as suicide bombers.
See that done Mr President and I can almost assure you of winning the 2015 elections.
* Mr President, why would your wife be holding a public office asides being the first Lady. It is unheard of, a means to stealing more money and to make it worse embarrasses the country with practically all her presentations (go to http://youtube.com and search for Dame Jonathan) I can bet you would laugh your sorrows away( let her learn basic etiquette and public speaking.
  * Why would corrupt public officers still be in office? You present to the country, that Stealing of that magnitude is not a criminal offence. Yet, a man steals a goat because he is hungry and spends a year or more in prison. Someone trying to get to work on time to make ends meet is arrested for wandering and taken out of the state he was arrested for years while his family do not know his whereabouts.
* Why is Ngozi Okonjo-Iwela holding 2 public offices? And why is she and other well known corrupt officials who are Squandering the country’s money still walking the streets and not behind bars or facing Justice.
  *Why is it that Committee upon committee that have ben created (and the whole country watched on Tv) for the petroleum issues have been swept under the carpet. Nothing is being done or said about it nor the minister in charge Dizeani Madueke.
    Nigerians have eyes and can see all these things as plain as day. Need I say more….

   Mr President, You have always presented a weak front. Like there is no backbone. You cannot stand up for Nigerians when they need you the most. How are we to trust you to rule again.
After 6years in Presidency, about 6years as a Governor, what can the people say you have done positively well? We all know “Good luck” got you to the presidency, but has the Goodluck spread to the people?

   Things seem to be going from bad to worse for PDP this year. Information spreads and “the masses” sway from one party to the other. APC is dangling a sweet looking carrot in front of Nigerians
Some people have fled the country in anticipation of the upcoming elections. Normally it is do or die affair but we are pleased there seems to be some sanity presented but will that hold till election day?.

    The political aspirants are sweating blood, as the Masses hold the reigns tight.

“APC seems to be the right party to be”! From most angles at this point. Governor Fashola has a wonderful track record but for a number of things. Yet, there are so many areas in Lagos have been neglected, One major thing that seems to not have changed is the number of touts on the roads who have grown more powerful by the day and causing havoc.     
   Another thing is the LASTMA officials who also set bus drivers who refuse to bribe them up and ensure their vehicles are impounded. Other officials change to plain clothes after their work hours and stand at various bus stops to collect bribe, since they can’t be identified by onlookers. What would the incoming government do about these?

Ambode, would you attend to these matters? Would you take off the ridiculous toll gates that are causing traffic and discomfort on the Lekki-Ajah express. After all, lagosians pay their taxes, and those living in that axis pay a whole lot more so why should we have to pay a company to fix the roads?.

   Jimmy Agbaje,


I have always admired your person you seem to have all the qualities of a good Governor. It just seems you happen to be the right candidate in a WRONG party. You seem to have all the ideas in place, and you’re ready to spring. People would vote for you in an instant, unfortunately you represent your party and no one sees your face till it’s time to vote.

    Plus getting rid of the annoying Toll gates on the Lekki- Ajah axis would be “a breath of fresh air”.
Being an IT person and Internet is part of a way of life, I would love to enter a public place and have access to surf the internet.
I love when adults can communicate with the youth on their level. It is something the Young at heart do. Learn to smile more, like you’re having fun (even though it’s your second attempt, it either happens or doesn’t) ”put a smile on your face, no matter condition. Feyin E”
        Life goes on sir.
But would that enough to get you votes???
I think I can can categorically say it would add a lot more to your current fans, making your character more likeable. After all, “everybody loves Jimmy Agbaje

The PDP platform has seemed to have more thugs than saints and the Era of the masses allowing thugs or thieves to rule is OVER.
People want their RIGHTS, right. What looks right.
What looks promising.
What has a bright looking future

Ambode, hmm his disarming smile. What is behind it? I don’t know but it seems to draw people it.

Jonathan (GEJ) Mr PDP, I am pleased at the change in your attitude to life and attending to country issues (seems to me that Buhari caused that).
     In the recent past you have not shown us any Backbone. You do not address the country like you are sure of yourself. At the turn of 2015 elections you have suddenly grown even in courage.
Did General Buhari’s military style of *taking over* suddenly ginger you swag? I’m curious.

At a show organised by silverbird sometime last year, when called to come on stage I was disappointed as our Chief of Staff had his hands tucked safely behind him ( a sign of weakness or un-sureness as far as I’m concerned). I was embarrassed for you to be sincere, even If you wanted to be humble, hand in front or by the sides make a better statement Even I won’t do that #justSaying.
Going forward, I would suggest you enlist the help of the #Toastmasters http://lighthousetoastmasters.org/ they would help you project better, prepare for large public addresses without prior preparation.

It would go a long way to prepare you for public appearances ( can bet that even president Obama who has the best speech writers in the US to construct his speeches, still does a lot of work to prepare for addressing Americans.  He sits with the teams while writing so he can talk from the top of his head) you would be better for it. Even his attires are planned to better project to the public. You would have no need to keep squinting as you read from sheets of paper, words which have no meaning to you or the Nigerian audiences.
As for Madam Dame (GEJ), she has put more bullets in your campaign than necessary. Her spoken English is woeful but, we all know her pretty face can do much better than that.
She seems to be s stubborn woman, then as the saying goes, “if Mohmmed won’t go to the mountain, take the mountain to Mohammed”. Her #Umblerra speeches and more have made you both very popular.
Trying to always project you Niger-Delta heritage is not enough to make Deltans vote for you, you should know that by now.
Dress sharp at least once in a while. An Adire shirt and jeans is not a bad idea, or shirt and trouser. It shows you are prepared. Not dragging around 10 yards of material and advertising your big stomach.
      The position of PRESIDENT, should volumes. When you stand, people should look up. When you speak, people should listen with rapt attention, not sneer, roll their eyes and mock wondering what your saying.

As for another dent in your campaign, Governor Fayose! Haba! Ekiti kete.
I’m sure the “Ekitites” are extremely proud of you.
    I for one, have friends from Ekiti and knowing how proud they are of where they come from, I can bet they would love to take Pankere (cane) to your buttocks if the could.
   How would a Governor use another person or public service holder’s death as a point of mockery. (the yourba saying “a man who is alive making fun of the how another person died, doesn’t know what will kill he himself”).
     To do it in private is one thing, to do it in public is bad, but to do it as a campaign strategy is extremely terrible. Mr Fayose, what were you thinking?
     I sincerely thank the media for showing us the kind of Governor Ekiti has and his total lack of common sense.
Even though the media did it to make money, someone had to do it. Right?  it of course increased their sales. .
   Plus if Fayose happens to be right  why don’t Nigerians grant a dying man his last wish? Right? But who knows, you may not even complete your term #justSaying
    After all, Nigerians know people in power do good at the beginning of their term. So, he would make some positive changes for some years. Nigerians would be happy for a while and anything happens, Nigerians would know Governor Fayose is a soothsayer.

  General Buhari, a question though, why is it that at this age you cannot find a worthy successor to groom and put in office, instead of trying to rule again?. At this age and stage when when we ought to empower the youth and pass across knowledge to your grandchildren, we have you and other old men still scrambling for positions of power.
   We need much younger president (age less than 50) but will you baba’s allow that? Noo. A person who has in his youthful exuberance has the strength to carry forth the dreams and hopes of the people. Someone who has the energy and doesn’t get called by Obasanjo asking “Are you dead?” not old men trying to relive their days of glory.
As it is I honestly do not doubt that Buhari via the APC can do a lot of good (if they win), but for the next president we (I think I speak for all Nigerians) should have a President less than 50 years of age….. and that the talks of Islamising Nigeria is a lie.

I also ask like other curious people, did you forget something in office, do you have some unfinished vendetta, or do you really want to improve the Nigerian economy?


For whoever wins, you are charged with the responsibility of sensitising this great country.
     I understand that the smell of POWER is so strong you ALL want to grab it. As I wish all the team players luck, I am going to pick my PVC and if there is no ruckus, will vote on election day for the ONES who have impressed me most with the hope that they deliver on their promises to Nigerians

Thank you.

Xoxo.    —Scorptastic

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Only in Giving

I sit!!
Listening to the words of the beautiful music.
I enjoy the sweet melody it brings.
I move my body to the ‘rhythm of me’

Gradually, a picture forms.
I realize it has turned to his face.
He is smiling at me

My breath catches, I smile inwardly.
I look up, hoping sometime soon, we would be together.

Somehow, this dream of mine never crosses your eye.
All you see is ‘#The Advantage of Me’

You take advantage,
Of feelings and everything in tow.
The way I feel,
Taking my all,
Leaving me with Nothing.

I stand and stare, heart wrenched out,

With Wounds bursting,
I still stretch my hands to you.
Seeing nothing else, wanting more of you.

You take, and take;
Giving nothing back.
The more you ask and want,
The more I search for more to give.

In the end,
You feel you have eaten your cake and have it.



Someday soon,
You would remember the Admonition >It is only in giving, shall you receive<

I can only hope, that #Time catches up with you.

When the time is Nigh,
You will learn to #Give of yourself

…………..xoxo #Tastic

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