Only in Giving

I sit!!
Listening to the words of the beautiful music.
I enjoy the sweet melody it brings.
I move my body to the ‘rhythm of me’

Gradually, a picture forms.
I realize it has turned to his face.
He is smiling at me

My breath catches, I smile inwardly.
I look up, hoping sometime soon, we would be together.

Somehow, this dream of mine never crosses your eye.
All you see is ‘#The Advantage of Me’

You take advantage,
Of feelings and everything in tow.
The way I feel,
Taking my all,
Leaving me with Nothing.

I stand and stare, heart wrenched out,

With Wounds bursting,
I still stretch my hands to you.
Seeing nothing else, wanting more of you.

You take, and take;
Giving nothing back.
The more you ask and want,
The more I search for more to give.

In the end,
You feel you have eaten your cake and have it.



Someday soon,
You would remember the Admonition >It is only in giving, shall you receive<

I can only hope, that #Time catches up with you.

When the time is Nigh,
You will learn to #Give of yourself

…………..xoxo #Tastic

By scorptastic Posted in Home

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