The Break Up

…… this tends to happen more often than not. The feelings grow, then they don’t.!!

Distance, lack of communication and other things come in-between

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Sometimes, meeting and dating someone nearby is always advised but when you need space things get complicated….well, I met a pretty lady online(Facebook) and we kicked it off pretty well…kept poking, sending messages and then the calls started…we hadn’t even met each other when we started having feelings for each other! We decided it was time to get real and be adults about it…we met and she was all I could have ever wanted in a woman. She felt the same way for me(maybe even more).
Then, reality dawned on us. She was more than a thousand kilometers away from me. We always kept in touch via calls and sms but the physical connection wasn’t as strong as we’d have loved it to be! She wanted to spend more time with me and I felt the same way but my responsibilities and her studies wouldn’t allow that to happen! First…

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