The Nigerian Police and the (In)Justice System

Spoken words written right from my mouth. Definitely, the facts remain that the police force in Nigeria mostly remains a place for touts, uneducated mentally and psychologically.
…… Till then, I cannot for any reason take the police force in Nigeria (MIB) seriously, and a change in their black, ugly, unkept and smelly uniforms


Nigerian Police

Nigerian Police

It was sunny in the afternoon and I had to get off from work early cos I wasn’t feeling too well…2:30pm precisely…working in the City of Gidi has its advantages and disadvantages…but today wasn’t a good one! First, my burning temperature. Next, the slow movement of traffic from Ikeja-Along to Dopemu!… I remembered what my friend posted on Facebook the other day,”I am not sorry to say this – I HATE THE NIGERIAN POLICE FORCE!!! They are all bunch of Blood Sucking Corrupt Bastards. Extorting money from citizens going about their legitimate businesses. I wish them all the PAIN and HEARTACHE they inflict on Nigerians!”…all in his own words…I don’t blame him for expressing himself…The Nigerian Policemen have been using the law to justify their wrong doings…I remembered while in the university, a police team drove into our building requesting that we produce the person that just ran…

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