His First Love

Love is unpredictable.
How it affects or changes us.
Can be gradual or fast.
Sometimes we break the people we love and sometimes they break us.

The ultimate relationship is one with the most sacrifices.
We hurt, we learn,
We experience,


2006…I know I’ve always felt something for her but we were just friends at the moment…every night became longer than usual cos I yearn to see her face every morning…and the day shorter cos I couldn’t seem to get enough of her presence! Her absence turns my stomach and her presence feels me up that I had no need for physical food…but we were STILL just friends…
2007…Her selfless act of love and care was so intoxicating that I found myself drowning in love but I couldn’t get the words out of my system…I wanted more time around her…LIME and HONEY was her remedy for whenever I had cough and sore throat…then, he came into my life again M. Hamilton, he gave me the courage to step up and make my feelings known to her! I decided a letter would do the trick, but NO…I went back for it cos…

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